AAR acquiring Presidential Airways

I went to the then Presidential Airways stand at Heli Expo in Houston back in Feb and collected 3 brochures and numerous funky stickers. However by chance clicking on their website , takes me to AAR Corp (whom i deal with on a day to day basis in terms of MRO info). AAR Corp acquired Presidential a while back. Just thought it strange that a major MRO that dabbled in some government work purchased a whole flight ops outfit (and its maintenance arm)


As most of us know, Presidential were formerly XE Aviation Services then formerly Blackwater Aviation, oeprating MD-500/530 'Little Birds' , Bell 412EP in Iraq and fixed wing assets in the 'Stan as well as 3 x S-61N (ferried on an AN-124 passing via Glasgow last year). They also support the US Navy Military Sealift Command with Pumas (originally contract was with Roberts Aircraft - Geoseis...yours truly had lots and lots of dealings with Roberts in the past )

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