AAPTI Crs info if you please..

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 5.to.go, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. Good evening everybody Peeps,
    After any info ref the AAPTI course and its structure please. I dont do suntan and I dont have any hair to gel up..
    Thank you please.. :arrow:
  2. Crap thread then I take it
  3. Starts a week on monday....enjoy.
  4. take mirrors.....

    lots and lots of mirrors.
  5. Do you need to take on CFT weight? The J.Is are vague..
  6. Don't you have to go and work in the gym for a few months before you do the course? most units make you do that, just so they don't get embarrassed if people fail due to poor levels of fitness. If you've done that, or don't have to, the best people to speak to about the course are the gym queens themselves.
  7. Sorry, I haven't checked in on this forum for a couple of days.

    The CFT weight is 25kg, to be carried in bergens and webbing. The reason behind 25kg is, as an ALL-ARMS PTI, you need to be able to administer the fitness test to all arms, including infantry.

    Any more questions, drop them onto this thread, if you haven't started your course already!

  8. There's no recommended procedure, or length of time, that a potential PTI should work in the gym. It's an optional extra that can be hugely beneficial, I found it brilliant to get a chance to learn my anatomy & physiology (A&P), practise warm-ups and cool-downs, and steal ideas from the qualified guys for when I went on my course.

    If you do get the chance to work in a gym, three top tips:

    1) Get straight out there and work on your warm-ups/cool-downs, use them to work on your functional A&P. By functional, I mean learning which stretches work on different muscles, and try to come up with some new ones. The best way to do this is to (no comments please) move your body around, and experiment to see what feels like it's benefitting your muscles.

    2) Try and take lessons, or at the very least be 2 i/c on one. This will increase your confidence at working in front of a large amount of people, and (as stereotypical as it sounds) shouting at them. The week before my course, for example, I ended up taking the entire Regiment on a warm-up for CO's PT, very useful for confidence-building!

    3) Even when you're not actively involved in a lesson, take notes. I made up, and still have, a book of lesson plans (even if it's just a scribbled diagram, it'll help). I took this to every lesson with me, and made notes, wrote what I thought worked, and what didn't and noted how I thought I could improve the lessons. Basically, one of the benefits is you can "hoover" up lesson ideas from the qualified guys, along with stretches you may not have seen before. My book now holds over 100 lesson ideas, each of which can be adapted for any number of people.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Hey matey,

    Surely all information would have been passed by the SPSI and what about the joining instructions, I would also consider speaking to those in your unit who have already done the course as well. Good luck