AAPTI Course Jan 10

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fingeringhoe, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Well, i did it chaps, not only was I enlisted but actually got a place on the AAPTI course starting next week. Was just wondering though, with all this snow, is the course likely to be going ahead or may it be postponed or heaven forbid even cancelled. And if it does go ahead, what if that track we have to do the PFT on is all iced up. What provisions would be made if any. Would they allow us an extra 30 seconds or so to give us a fighting chance. Would they grit the track before we run on it, or maybe we could do an RAF type bleep test indoors. I know this may sound a bit WAHish but surely risk assessments have to be done and I can't imagine any instructor wanting to have a nasty slip and an injury on their flick, or maybe they will just say Fuck it! Crack on! This is the army!
    Any thoughts and serious comments on here very welcome!
  2. Suck it and see?
  3. I was about to launch into something, but I really don’t know where to start :wink:
  4. Come on surely there must be some more constructive replies out there!
  5. Surely your joining instructions will have a number for you to call if you have any questions about the course.
  6. I'm trying to determine as to whether you are particularly youthfull and enthusiastic or merely a gelled -haired knob jockey. Here's my comments for what they are worth..............

    The experienced staff you are about to meet will have taken the inclement weather and prevailing conditions into account before you don your flourscent Nikes and will set the training day accordingly. You just focus on the tasks in hand and leave the opinions to them.

    My bold - the Bleep Test was well tried and proven by the RUC long before it ever came into use by any of our military arms. It's been around for a considerable number of years. If it was gash it would have been binned before now. By associating it with the RAF, I'm presuming that you consider it fits into some girly fitness standard. You are about to get a wake up call :D

    Give yourself an attitude check before pitching up next week. Humility has it's strengths. Best of luck to you on your course and I do mean that.
  7. Stay away from the swimming pool. You know, the one with mirrors glued to the bottom... :wink:
  8. Thanks Alec!
  9. I was on my re-qualification course last week and we did MSFT, i am pretty sure you will do the same.
  10. Has anyone used c1000stitches before?