Aahnold für Präsident campaign gets underway

If Aahnold could run for Pres, would he win?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Californians will soon see advertisements urging them to help give Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (news - web sites) and other foreign-born citizens the chance to run for president.

The cable television ads, set to being running Monday, are from a Silicon Valley-based group that wants to amend the U.S. Constitution, which limits the presidency to people born in the United States. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria but became a U.S. citizen in 1983.

"You cannot choose the land of your birth. You can choose the land you love," Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones says in the ads.

She is a San Francisco Bay area mutual fund manager and major Schwarzenegger campaign donor who is helping pay for the ads and created a companion Web site.

Schwarzenegger, 57, has said he would consider running for president if the Constitution allowed but hasn't pushed for a constitutional change.

The TV ads mark the first significant attempt to build public support for an amendment. While polls show Schwarzenegger remains popular with voters, the idea of a constitutional change is not.

Four proposed amendments are circulating in Congress, but none has advanced. Constitutional amendments require congressional approval and ratification by 38 states.
So, if he were allowed to run as the 2008 Republikan candidate against, oh, say Mrs Billary (who, IMHO, is "Liberal" evil personified), would he win?

Der Wieselmann
Arnie all the way!!!

he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he stands up for good old fashioned values (on which the UK abd US were based) and will not flipflop like kerry did, whilst being able to at least speak english to a certain standard (unlike GWB)

Hillary Clinton may also be a good president but if she has the same values as good old cigar smokin bill, then forget her and her limpwristed liberal ways!!

One other person who i would love to see run for US president (or UK PM if possible) would be Rudi Juliany (SP??) He is a guy of principles and took no crap from all the liberals in newyork, helping transform it from a crime ridden ghetto to a respectable metropolis.

Agent smith
Hilary Clinton has actually been a fairly centrist Senator - she supported the Iraqi military action and has certainly talked tough about terrorism. I think she's worked her way into the Senate Armed Services Committee as well.

Evidence of this is perhaps that those who are Liberal evil personified, ie. Michael Moore and Howard Dean's big supporters, aren't too fond of her at all.

But if it came down to her and Schwarzenneger, the big man would get my support. Although I'm sure he owns plenty already.
And, best of all, it would prove
cdo_gunner said:
Never let an Austrian run your country, just ask the Germans ;)
Hitler is going to run america by proxy ! you never know Arnie could be Hitler's secret love child :lol:
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