AADW Basic Drill instructors course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hullboy, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Sad I know, but I am on my basic drill instructors course shortly and was just wondering if you require ammo boots or just assualt boots? I understand this question may have been asked before but any info/handouts on the course would be appreciated.
  2. Either or mate but you need to take two pairs

  3. As long as you are erect and square to the front you will be okay, ps...get some crunchies, rubber soles are no good for drill.
  4. cheers, dont know if i been wound up but just been told i also need about 6 shirts as go through them quickly and also 200 upon gettin there as there is an immediate mess bill of atleast 100!
  5. On my advanced course a 100 years ago, 2 sets of No 2's, 2 pairs of crunchies (one pair actually died on me after 6 weeks, had to shoot them to put them out of thier misery), 4 No2 shirts, and my course was in the summer, so you can imagine how much you sweated after a drill beasting

    Anyone who has also done said course would remember the Union Jack formation at 180 paces to the minute, all 4 Syndicates heading toward each other at the same time, you ended up in the wrong Syndicate and tried to blag to the staff that you have always been there from day 1 or the saluting at the march (180 paces) on a Friday afternoon, 100 times at least!!! Gets you blowing out your arrse in no time

    Oh nearly forgot, nearly split up with the Mrs when she saw my mess bill at the end of the course and Im sure I need a new liver after the one or two (crates) of port that went in (and out) of me

    Thats said, if I could, I would be back tomorrow, funniest course I have been on ever (that includes the unit projectionist course thats up there at No 2)
  6. Course no longer a pi*s up as it used to be! the RSM is T-Total! RTUs you if you tip up on Pde pissed!

    If you take your joining Instr to the QM's U R entitiled to a Pr of Ammo boots! but as already stated if possible get 3 pairs!

    The best boots u don't need to wear just have them on show for room Insp!(mine were 2 sizes too small for me!)

    Best of All enjoy and remember there is only 1 time in the British Army
  7. thanks for all your replies, beginning to wish was not on course now, as sounds more like a mess around rather than an instructional course by what other in the regt have been saying
  8. Take a sense of humour, Guards humour is a totally different experience. Go and enjoy it, it is fun (at the end of the course!!) and revise the sayings in the "seniors" forum.....you'll sail through!!! :lol:
  9. Pack an extra sense of humour, and make sure you've your best port-drinking head.

    Do they have hedges in Catterick ?.
  10. When I done mine may years ago I took 5 pairs, Take a shit pair for the tour of barracks if they still do it.
    Its a good course, call the coldstream instructors sheep shaggers.
    Best of luck
  11. Day 1..Week 1....

    Standby for the Tour of the Barracks..Still done in No2's at a very fast pace, seeing the delightful sights of the camp....Enjoy.. :wink:

    PS..Bring deodarent and Talc Powder to mop up all those sweaty patches, and prevents crotch Rot... :wink:

    "Immediately on receipt of the word of command Squad 2, I forced my
    head, shoulders and body through an angel of 90 Degrees.
    Points to note... My body remains erect and square to the front".....etc..
    .. :wink:

    By the end you will have digested the whole Drill Manual, And will be
    quoting all the above Spiel VERBATUM..Guaranteed.
  12. As far as kit required - it will be listed on your joining instructions.

    I did my course at Pirbright before AADW moved to Catterick. I hope that the hedge was transported along with everything else. If not, they had best get growing one - the course wouldn't be the same without it!

    I wish I'd done my course before Sky TV - it gave fartoo many channels for the DS to list as we were marking time outside the NAAFI on the tour of camp!
  13. when i did the course the grumpy grenadier arse who had a whole potato feild on his shoulder listed everything the spar shop sold and i mean everything at one point he belowed at me "YOU LOOK LIKE YOU DON'T WANT TO BE HERE" at that point in soaking wet number 2's in summer he was spot on but it was a good cousre apart from the grenadier muppet the best bit was the drive home at the end :D
  14. His surname name didnt start with Danger**** by any chance? and no..not dangermouse
  15. Pack a massive sense of humour, 3prs of Ammo Boots, and a sizeable chunk of your slush fund(I assume every self respecting NCO still maintains one?).

    Its a great course, I laughed all the way through it. Im short, welsh and a grunt.......easy pickings for the barsteward instructors.

    I can still remember marching around in circles in the gaol exercise yard singing " Men of Harlech", whilst the instructor shouted..." Louder you Fcuking Welsh Faggot"........Get the idea?