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  1. May be a bone question so please give me the benefit of the doubt.

    I'm joining The Rifles and am interested in doing the AACC at some point. What I want to know is what changes once you've completed it?

    Do you have a new role all together?

    Do you go back to your batallion and just get called up when needed to take part in commando ops?

    can anybody help?
  2. You go to 1RIFLES & You're attached to 3CDO...

    I think..
  3. i have no clue what AACC is lol lol

    good luck hope it's what your after .. gowd i'm so thick lol..!
  4. Can you only do AACC in the rifles and engineers or can you do it in any infantry regiment??
  5. Apparently the Light Dragoons and 1 RTR can do it too. And pretty much all the combat support and combat service support arms have units that do Pcoy and AACC
  6. is the whole point of the All Arms Commando Course, not that it is available to ALL ARMS
  7. Aren't the rifles involved with 3 commando brigade, regardless of if you do the AACC or not?

    I know that doing the course gets you the cool RM dagger logo on your uniform :D
  8. Yeah - how does that work exactly?

    Like The Rifles in 3 Commando Brigade - but they aren't all Commando trained? Similarly - 1 R IRISH is in 16 Air Assault Brigade aren't they? Surely that puts them at a bit of a disadvantage if they were to deploy at a brigade level? (Armchair warrior here, as denoted by the sig - but its just something I've often pondered reading about The Rifles)
  9. Im sure that the AACC is a course which is taken by individuals that are going to benefit 3 commando brigade e.g. engineers,reme,sigs. Also those battalions that are attatched to them e.g. 1 rifles will BE ABLE to do it but they have only just recently become attatched to them so obviously its going to take a year or so to get everyone who would be able to complete the commando tests on to the course. Also why would everyone willy nilly be able to get on it? If you don't fit a purpose then your just badge collecting and im sure only a select few will be able to do this e.g. more than likely officers.

    Same detail with AAPC why would you get accepted onto this if you wasn't going to benefit 16AA brigade? Also im sure you have to have a written recommendation for any of these courses, and this is going to take some time in order to show your CO that your not just another mong wanting to be a para/commando/sas/sbs/soldier who jumps off of mountains with a knife in teeth ready to do battle with a great white before saving the day within 2 years of your career. If this is you I have just described.................................................................................................GET A FECKING GRIP MONGWELL :D :D :D
  10. I don't know how it works for the whole army, all I know is that if your in 1 Rifles then you can volunteer for the course. Also as somebody said above about people doing the course "willy nilly" or "badge collecting" I doubt thats the way it works as you've actually got to pass the course, you dont just turn up and get your commando badge. I would only want to do this course if it made a difference,, if it just meant you got a badge then i wouldn't bother.

    What i'm trying to get at and find out is what changes about your role once you've passed the course? You must have new role or responsibilities? Has anybody done the course? or know somebody who has?
  11. I've worked with 1 rifles but I don't fully know how it works because I'm a marine. From what I've seen though doing the course doesn't change much. I think the idea is to get as many people in 1 rifles commando trained so that the unit operates better within 3 commando brigade. However I don't think your individual role changes. Maybe there's a specific section of 1 rifles for the commando trained guys but I didn't see it
  12. This is from the army website about the rifles: The Rifles is the largest infantry regiment in the army. It is made up of battalions covering the light, mechanised and armoured infantry roles including 1st Battalion The Rifles is a part of the Royal Marines' 3 Commando Brigade along with 29 Commando Royal Artillery. Jobs within the Rifles range from gunner to crewing a Warrior Infantry Fighting vehicle.

    Then this about 29 commando: 29 Commando Regiment is the Commando-trained unit of the British Army's Royal Artillery. The regiment is under the operational control of 3 Commando Brigade providing artillery support and gunnery observation.

    So maybe the AACC is so they can swap riflemens roles with relative ease, thus making your role within the regiment more exciting and in turn maybe keeping you in the army longer?

    Or am i reading too much into it?? :D

    Edited: Heres a link for 29 commando (has AACC info) http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/southwest/rolesandregiments/regiments/Pages/29CommandoRegiment(RA)(Plymouth).aspx
  13. Punk_trooper what do you mean by "maybe the AACC is so they can swap riflemens roles with relative ease"? How would a commando course help that?
  14. as in: when you first turn up to the rifles you wouldnt be commando trained so wouldnt be able to serve with 29 commando, if you then are trained on the AACC when it comes to the point you want to leave they can say to you: well why dont you try going to 29 commando? no extra training needed as youve already done it and if theres someone who wants to swap over then everybodys happy!
  15. if you pass P Coy you aren't automatically attached to 16AA and i presume if you pass the AACC you aren't automatical attached to 3 commando brigade, it is a course and you get qualified, it may then open doors and opportunties to then serve with the Marines or Paras, eg Guard Para Platoon, 29 commando etc, your role will only change if you move into one of these units

    edited to add: of course this is only the way i see it, as at the minute i am just another civvy mong