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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by zimchaz, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Evening folks,
    Anyone have the gen kit list for the commando course? The one outlining 1st line 2nd line eqpt etc I have seen one before but cant find it anywhere..can someone pm me with it or point me in the right direction via a link.

    Ta muchly

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  2. I'm very impressed and all that.
    But this is in the Sappers bit, why?

    Have we become a dumping ground for all manner of dross?
  3. Only because I am a sapper and figured there would be another sapper already passed the course on here...if it's in the wrong place apologies

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  4. Or he's a Sapper, and didn't think to put it in the Training sub-forum?
  5. ;-)
  6. Thanks for the helpful replies so far ;) does anyone have a reply closer to the question?

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  7. Call Lympstone?
  8. OK fella, my apologies.
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  9. ^Due to popular tradition in the Corps I have just made a token vomiting noise.
  10. It didn't hold any degrading meaning when I were a lad.
  11. call 59's Chief Instructor?