AACC Completed - Thank you

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nomadcelt, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Thanks to all who gave advice and guidance pre-All Arms this year. I have just completed it, am very proud of my lid, and wanted to thank all those who I chatted to about it in the build-up.

    If anyone would like any advice on All Arms Commando, please let me know and I'll pass on what I can.
  2. Well done mate, are you 59 R.E/29 R.A, or something else? Harder than you thought or not??

    Cheers Easy!
  3. I'm 1SCOTS but working with a Bootneck unit in Faslane, Scotland.

    It was 'different' in many ways. Nothing overly taxing for an Infantryman until the final stages. A good challenge throughout though and am pretty goddamn chuffed to be done - 30 miler was cheeky.
  4. Well done but just one question, how do you get that big capbadge on that little beret?
  5. Congratulations nomadcelt from a fellow AACC graduate. Your description of the 30-miler as a wee bit cheeky doesn't do justice to it!
  6. nomad, are you classed as 'Army Commando', like 1RIFLES will soon be, or just commando trained, sporting that lovely dagger!?

    Cheers Easy!
  7. Congratulations lofty now get ashore the first wets are on you!!
  8. I am officially an Army Commando although I've yet to find any of those new shoulder titles stating such. I am quite happy with the dagger and green lid though!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Green TOS then, I saw a sky blu AAC TOS in 83!
  10. Any chance i can take you up on your offer of advice on the AACC?

    Most of the links ive seen on ARRSE seem to descend into para vs marine slagging matches so im hoping you can give me some useful advice!

    Im in the navy and am due to start the AACC in April this year, as such i would really appreciate any hints and tips you may be able to offer up, particular what to expect on the course itself etc.
    did you do the 2 week lympstone beat-up or did your regiment do its own beat-up?
    phys-wise ive really been concentrating on endurance runs and body-weight circuits rather than weightlifting, any other phys tips would of course be much appreciated
    the thing im dreading most of all is the fieldcraft, tactical training, weapon handling and so on, as being a filthy matelot we get little to no training in this side of things, however, luckily il be doing the 'pre-jungly' course in feb which teaches us potential junglies all the fieldcraft necessary for operating helicopters in field conditions, which should help...

  11. Speak to the Booties that you do your annual training with, they will square you away.
  12. Hoofin' job, well in! Bet the oggin was a bit chilly this time of year?