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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 86-john-mahn, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. At my initial interview at the AFCO it was predicted that it would be April 2011 before the Royal Engineers start loading new recruits onto phase 1. I was told that with the AFCO not even having dates down on the system for any of the design trades that it could be a while after passing phase 2 that I would go to Chatham. Depending on how long the wait was I was told I could attempt the All Arms Commando Course or other courses that were available whilst I wait. Contradicting that the Warrant Officer on my 3rd interview told me that I would only start basic training when dates where available for my chosen trade course so there was no waiting around once passing phase 2. So with the design trades not having dates available yet I would not make Aprils intake.

    Who's right? The sergeant on my initial interview was from the RE, the Officer wasn't.
  2. We try and give you a Phase One date so you have very little wait before your Phase 2.
    And you cant do AACC until after Phase 2 training.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, I'm talking about attempting the AACC after phase 2 but before phase 3 (trade training) at Chatham.
  4. At the beginning of phase 2a (combat engineer training) you will be asked your preferred posting location. If you ask for aacc or p-coy you will get it. Most others didn't get what they asked for and just got given something random. After phase 2a you will be put in a holding troop until your phase 2b trade course starts. Generally you'll do your aacc after your trade course but a few guys who had a long wait until the trade course have been put on it first - its not really your choice - will be made for you though you can always ask.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I don't mind either way, whether I try the AACC first or go onto my Phase 2b training (Don't know where I got calling it Phase 3 from). Just as long as I don't have to wait even longer for a Phase 1 start date due to the trade I've chosen I'll be happy.
  6. Is this also a very similar option/route for RLC AT trade?

    Edit to add: Sorry for bringing RLC into RE, but it caught my eye and got me thinking. Hope you understand :p
  7. As I'm already on the subject of the AACC could somebody tell me how Engineers are utilised within 3cdo brigade on operations? As I've read on other threads that they would be performing maintenance on the FOB's and are attached to the Royal Marines on patrols doing explosive entry etc, but as the RM already have Assault Engineers of their own why do they need Army attachments?
  8. Assualt Engineers have very limited engineering capability. They know how do use power tools, some demolitions and how to put the infantry assualt bridge up. Where as 24 Engr Regt provide full engineer capability.
  9. if you are looking at the military as a career then think long term, joining the RE will give you a transferable trade qualification when you do leave the MoD. you still can earn the right to wear the "Dettol" badge by passing the AACC.

    always think ahead rather than short term fella.

    good luck.
  10. Hello peeps, Jus reading ur blog here, regarding the engineers not taking recruits on untill april 2011 i dont know if that is true or false, All i know is that i start my basic training for the engineers on the 16th of January 2011 plus i got too keep my old army number!! Mint!!
  11. On a previous thread it has been posted that the majority of courses start in the next financial year starting in April so people will be loaded on to phase 1 in Dec/Jan at the earliest. When did you pass ADSC? What grade did you get and what trade are you going for, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. I was at adsc on the 22nd of June mate, I got an A grade. I have already been loaded on to basic, got my letter about 2 weeks ago. I'm going in as a joiner for my trade. So I travel and report for duty on the 16th of Jan to start basic, I've got my enlisrment on the 6th of Jan
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    There's quite a few posts on here that would be better shared in the 'Joining Up (regular) forum.

    I'm sure there's many who are jumping through the hoops right now who'd appreciate what's been offered up, and not think of looking here.
  14. I am new too using this website mate so I'm still getting to grips with it, different forums etc
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    No probs buddy, just want to point you in the right direction. Hook you up with people doing the same shit.