Discussion in 'Sappers' started by martialmikey, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Having read through all the posts I could find on Surveyor engineers I get the impression that this role has a higher trade to combat ratio (i.e. you spend most of your time surveying). Would anybody be able to tell me if this limits the option of applying for the AACC or the AAPC as if I manage to go down this career path I would really like the chance to serve with either the commandos or the paras.
  2. in no way does it limit your option to apply for either. HOWEVER, once in your trade, and regardless of whether you are commando or para or any other kind of ninja, you will only have the choice of going Design/Q stream.

    Basically what this means is: whereas all the artisan trades can be Class 1 tradesmen, and Class 1 combat engineers, and as such be field section commanders, field sergeants and troop staff sergeants, or even spend time as instructors as chatham in their trade, Design/Q stream can either stay in their trade, and be promoted as such...ie you are qualified to be a Cpl, but cannot be promoted until a Cpl (Design trade) slot opens up...or go Q stream, which means you work in the Stores and issue kit.

    for example, the last LCpl-Cpl board in 2005 had 6 pages of ME Combat postings, and 2 Surveyor Cpl posts. give you an idea of the very narrow career path.

    Having said all that, the Design/Q trades are very much looked at as feeder trades for Clerk of Works. I won't go into it, as i will probably get some of it wrong, but look through the other theads about Clerk of Works, and you will see it is a good route to go down, if designing stuff and project management float your boat.

    It is a very good trade to have, as a class 2 tradesman fresh in your unit you may find yourself with heaps of responsibility when on a construction site, and there is a certain job satisfaction from being on site from the initial survey, through all the stages of construction, to the as-built survey. you will also get hands on alot, as most times on site there isn't all that much surveying to be done, so you can get stuck in when there's nothing to be levelled/set out.

    however if you join with the intention of being a combat engineer/tradesmen for the rest of your career, forget it. you may be a knocker for the first few years, but after that it's trade postings. and you will never be a section commander, recce sgt or troop staffy, unless, for some bizarre reason, you get posted to that position.

    Apologies to any seniors if I've gotten any of the above wrong, it is just my take on the trade, being a surveyor myself.
  3. Once again cdn_spr accurately sums up the current situation for ME (Svy Engr) and the rest of the Design trades. Being a design tradesman does not restrict your ability to serve with any of the sapper commando or air assault units initially, but it does restrict your posting options and choices later in your career ie you will only get trade or stores posts. The Corps just will not allow you do the necessary courses so that you could switch between trade and combat engineer postings. The alternative is to dilute your trade skills and go Clerk of Works. If you have any more questions on Surveyor Engineering please PM me. I'd like to think I know a little about it.
  4. Thank you both