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Got my copy of the AACA journal yesterday. Some excellent stories from Op Telic. Spotted a few old mates, especially Chris Murph*. Now a barrister !! Can still remember him driving over a pot of green paint in a bowser and driving across the dispersal at Oakington. Mr Galv*n went crazy ape shiit !!

Boris still looking gooood (and still has the evil stare) !

And the Airtroopers. All looking over weight !! Doesn't look like a fit one between them. Or is this just my eye sight??
i remember having to take chris murp** to lemgo nick for pouring a kettle of boiling water over jimmy mac,just cause he bit his ear off.......never could take a joke :twisted:
Talking of journals, trying to get copies from 91,92, 92 93 & 94 the MAF have sold out

Any ideas, anyne wanting to part with them will be rewarded handsomely
No, because he's a member of civpop at the moment, it's the only way he can appear to be 'informative and knowledgable' in Corps matters.

If you wish, mdn, I have back copies of 'Jackie' and 'Look In' if you want them.
Thats right I am civpop, I left the sinking ship when they were letting littleboys and thier duvet covers rule. Hell, once they even let a man balancing a cow turd on his head join the ranks.

The only people left in are the ones unemployable in Civvy strasse and people balancing slugs

I'd love to take you up on the offer of Jackie and Look in, but I fear the pages would be stuck together from your days off knocking one out to Tucker Jenkins and his gang of Grange Hill misfits.

As for appearing knowledgable in Corps matters, I don't need to be a civvy to be illinformed, I was equally mind numb regarding the same years ago.......... when your slug was a mere slug pup :lol:
Much respect to the doh nut for fighting his corner, but you should feel some shame for the time, when once a resident of planet dishcloth when you were caught in the sigs store, partially naked with the christmas edition of the "TOYS 'R' US" catalogue on colour viewfoils and being projected onto the wall.
The sqms investigation into the missing bogroll was solved that day.
I've got my journals thankyou, so ram my earlier request!

Kev, I had the decency to lock myself away, you were public with your perversions, you only became a fed because you thought you had a far better chance of sleeping with Huggy Bear from Starsky and hutch.

Have you still got those CHIPS leather bikers pants, or are they all chaffed away?
You cant go anywhere without keeping your clothes on :lol:

Still have the terrible memory of you practically naked in the SH, and thinking about it werent you one of the four men stood at the naafi bar naked with baliclavas on hiding thier faces :twisted:
Just read Judge Dredds article on his attachment with the USMC. He finally found his dream! Shame he didn't have his Desert Eagle .50 with him! The War would have been over three weeks quicker.
Would you trust this man with your kids?
Received the AACA newsletter yesterday. Good to see some of the lads I served with back in the 80's and 90's are now WOs and officers ! And the Apache course. One of the attendee's was just a very quiet Airtrooper back in 1992 when I knew him. Well done Geordie. I was stunned though, to spot one person who is now a WO1. The very same person who couldn't get out of bed in the morning as a full screw, was and still is overweight, and to boot, a scruffy barstool then and probably still is now. How did he do it ??!!
Not got mine :(

Send name of said WO via PM, or is his Nickname Dorothy :D
Got our copy yesterday.
Certainly some old faces who deserve to be at the rank they now are and some others that shouldnt, but unfortunately thats life :twisted:
Been chatting to Mighty via PM about this months journal (we're a pair of old fish wife’s !!). After looking at the mag, I feel quite old now !! Some of the lads were wee NIGs back in the 90's. Now they’re fully grown SNCO's. Well done. And the pic of past OCs, CO's and Commanders, well, that made me feel slightly better cos the picture looks like the local residential home for OAPs day outing to Blackpool ! Lordy, some of them have aged so much (no disrepect)!!

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