Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Walker89, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Hey im fairly new to this site and im just wondering if their is
    anyone out there that can give me some info or personal experience
    of the AAC?

    I have read everything about it on the internet and in brochures etc
    but they are made to sell you the idea of the army so it obviously
    looks appealing. I have signed up and im just waiting on my medical
    forms to get cleared.
    The wait is just killing me, im excited for everything to get going, and im
    just trying to get all the info i can about it so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Walker, just to clarify....... Are you a Texas Ranger?

    It will help me in any advice I steer your way
  3. never heard that before.... :roll:

    no would be my answer to that question
    sure hope you have some good advice
  4. The Army is one thing, AAC is another :)
  5. I see what you did there :wink:
  6. Walker, be very careful with any advice MDN gives you. The only things he knows about are where to get a good kabab, where to buy Rogaine in 55 gallon drums and where in Germany to get cheap male prostitutes.
  7. I have heard good and bad things about it
    any advice?

    thanks for the heads up
  8. Well it just depends if you want to be in the army, as in be a soldier and do soldier type things, or if you want re-fuel helicopters for your entire career! But if you wanted to do that why not just join the RAF, and get treated and paid better?
  9. Well i certainly don't want to do that for my entire career!!
    I don't have my mind set on any particular job in the army at the moment,
    im just trying to get as much info as i can.
    I want to be a soldier and do 'soldier type things' im just unsure
    of what road to go down. Any opinions on all kinds of jobs would
    be appreciated.
  10. Being an Air Trooper doesn't necessarily mean being a bowser mong. I spent three years in MT before I even touched a bowser. Which made it all the more interesting when I did do it for a while in NI.

    The lack of an HGV licence may have had a lot to do with that - something to ponder there, Walker.
  11. Screw the nut is a mis-informed odd ball, I have done 2 infantry secondments on operations, also the corps had attachments/multiples to 2 Para for Iraq, 5 Scots currently in Afghanistan and so on.As you can see we do the soldiering bit as well (incidentally our TO's and EO's are identical to infantry...Training Officer 5 Scots can verify this when I asked to check!)
  12. Very few people 'spend their entire career refuelling helicopters' in the AAC (unless they only do a couple of years). One of the very big differences between the AAC and the RAF is your chap in the crabs will spend his entire 22 year career on the bowser park because thats probably all he is good at or all he wants to do. He will no doubt leave after 22 as a Cpl if he is lucky having refuelled aircraft all over the world. I beg to differ re the crab getting paid better. He may do initially but he will not get promotion for approx 10-12 years...if he is lucky. Meanwhile, your sharp AAC soldier will be a SSgt by then. ;)

    The AAC chap will possibly only spend a short time refuelling. A couple of years at the very most and even then, its not as if he will be soley doing that job in that time period. He has the option to specialise and gain promotion. And the big, big difference is he can actually get to fly the aircraft is he wishes to go down the aircrew route.

    As blobby quite rightly says, many AAC chaps are able to get seconded to outside units on ops. Its quite astonishing at times to see where a blue beret pops up around the world.

    Most importantly, dont listen to people who have no idea what the AAC soldier does. The only people who do know, are AAC soldiers.
  13. AAC=RLC with a gayer beret.
    Twenty two years service will qualify you for a job as a TESCO tanker driver :lol:
    Head well down waiting for the lord-budgie to respond...you cant bully me it's the internet :wink:
  14. Youre right. I cant bully you.

    I'd have MENCAP on my case if I did. :roll:
  15. 2 Minute reaction time..well done