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  1. Hi there all,

    Just quick question ,
    I would love to join the AAC but as i dropped out of school I have no leaving cert/A-levels, I am still commited to join R.I.R, Would I still be able to join AAC when I get to a certin rank, and if I do my A-levels/leaving cert? I am talking about couple years down the line not staright away.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If your joining as a Regular Ground crew in the AAC you dont need any quals
  3. You don’t need qualifications to join as an AAC Soldier.

    You can go for pilot from any Army job if you pass Aptitude and Flying Grading.

    Min rank, LCpl or equivalent and recommended for promotion to Full Cpl or equivalent.

    Why don’t you join the Irish Army Air Corps?
    They have better aircraft and a better Aviation Crewman career stream. i.e., they have a career stream.
  4. they never recruiting i couldnt even get into reserves for 8 months but thanks for all replies thats all i needed to know thats brilliant thanks.
  5. You obviously never been to Baldonnel and seen there aircraft and as for career stream,all promotion in the Defence Forces is frozen.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.