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I'm planning on going into either the AAC or RAF as an engineer. For someone who wants to work with aircraft, the RAF would normally seem like the automatic choice, but I would say that 'army life' in general appeals more having been in the cadets, even excluding having the chance to get my hands on an Apache.

As per usual, getting un-biased opinions on the pros and cons of each are hard to come by. Ask anyone in experience from either side and, of course, their regiment, corps etc is great and the other is s***. Seeing as I've no experience of my own, could anyone give their opinions on what's likely to be the good and bad aspects of each. I understand most of you, if not all, aren't in the RAF but your points of view will still be helpful.

Just to emphasise, this is with reference to joining as an engineer rather than a pilot.
RAF: better hours, Treated better, much slower promotion.
Army: Rapid promotion to SGT, Remain Sgt for 12 Years, Still treated like a child!
AAC birds - a bit rough.
RAF birds - A lot better.

Oh and work/promotion must be alright somewhere in between. Hope this helps in your choice!
Better to be a crab than a mincing tech spanker!!!

The RAF will look after you much better than the light blue side of the REME/Army. It is generally known that the RAF look after their people better than we do. Facilities are much better, working environment is much better and of course the crab birds are so much thinner and better looking than their fat arrsed Army counterparts. Promotion may be slower in the RAF, but that's because they give you a longer career. The chances of getting a good posting as an Air/Avionics Tech are almost nil.

People are leaving the Army to join the RAF, because of these very facts. Several friends have jumped ship, and are now very happy to be on the other side
Bit of a shame that the Royal Air Farce are losing 8,000 odd numbers this time round and will be furhter cut as more services become PFI'd over the next few years. The comments about the women is spot on though!!
Rupert or Tom?

Not sure about REME officers, but RAF Eng Os do very little 'engineering' and lots and lots of paper shuffling- bag o'shite.
Have served with AAC and RAF, life with RAF is by far the best.Better condition, posting, sport and outlook on life.
Join the RAF. Simple as

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