AAC TV ad. 1970s

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Biscuits_Brown, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. Anyone remember the long form ad that featured Sioux in formation set to classical music?

    Any notion about finding a copy?
  2. Couldn't you make do with a bit cropped from Apocalypse Now?
  3. Saturday mornings waiting for the Banana splits to come on tv at my grans. Already been to the model shop for my weekly dose of Airfix. BBC programming started with public information films. Reginald mole husband/ petunia and joe/ learn to swim etc. Dancing soux's was a treat. not on every week but replayed with my westland scout and whirlwind both easily landed on a wagon wheel in those days!
    N.b. Airfix never made a kit of the soux or open tail alouette despite using an image of one on the guarantee in the box.