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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by thebigtone, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. Ok,

    So back at Sandhurst (a few years ago now) I was told to narrow my options to 2 but i'm bloody indecisive and was told the only way I could have any more was to put down AAC. So I did.

    I was originally sponsored by a Corps and pretty set on it, pretty much the only thing I was interested in and had been for years and somehow for my 2nd visit I was on an aptitude and medical for the AAC. At the time I had no interest in anything other than my sponsored Corps but other visits are a must. I was in shit state and feeling fairly sick but I did what you do at the factory, manned up and got on with it. Come about 4 days from the end it dawned on me that this shit was pretty awesome and it was probably going to be a bit better than my Corps. On the final day, after a mix of being pretty sick and not being too interested in the mandatory visit I came fairly close but failed.

    Finally after getting out and getting in to the Corps I picked up a little flying again, ever since i've kind of realised that the AAC is where I want to be, unfortunately i'm told you can't do it twice. I work my balls off, currently doing 8-10 on tour in a flipping office and the proceeds of tour will be spent on a gliders license and a pilots license; i've done a few hours before tour.

    It's killing me knowing that I pissed my chance up the wall, is there any way you can do it again? I'm considering putting the paperwork in and seeing how far I get, any advice would be great!!...
  2. Obviously I'm in the Corps. Unfortunately I feel that you have had your shot at the title. I wouldn't even recommend joining as a ranker and work towards an NCO pilot as you will be bottom of the 'shite pile'. Take it as a lesson learnt and focus on a solid career choice. I may be wrong, but we a bursting at the seams for people wanting to be a pilot and you threw your chance away!
  3. Roger that.
    I'm worried you may be right but I really don't think there is much else i'm interested in. We may be bursting at the seems with candidates but surely someone who is already commssioned and (by the time I start) holds a glider and PPL license is a bit of a time/money saver?
    Are there no grounds for appeal? due to illness etc? Surely as a test that is suitable for already qualified and yet to qualify pilots a 2nd test (AFG) will be just as effective as the 1st?
    I think i'm going to give it a shot either way and expect the worst! thanks for your advice however BM.
  4. You're not too clear on which part you failed on.

    As Blobby says, the AAC is very buoyant both NCO and Officer candidates. I'm guessing youre no spring chicken either so the AAC will see that as a lesser return of service. As for having a few hours flying already? Means nothing I'm afraid. Its worth maybe being a few sorties ahead on Flying Grading but not much else. And from my experience, it can be a hindrance. What the AAC may be interested in is your previous experience as an officer and what you can actually bring to the AAC. By all means give it a shot but again, as blobby says, youve prob missed your chance. Whats your previous Corps/Regt?