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Iam currently a Cpl in the signals and thinking of transfering to bacome a pilot but i have been told by some people in the sigs i might be to tall to become a pilot becuse iam 6ft 4", is this just some pump rumour or is it true? I was told it was because of safety and fiting into the cockpit, but to be fair told by people who are probably not the most knowledgable on the subject.
My second question is are there many places for people to transfer? Currently iam hearing 2 things, one is that the AAC is gagging for pilots and the other is that there is an 18 month waiting list.
Any help much appreciated.
Firstly, we are in dire need of NCO pilots. Secondly, regarding your height. It really depends on whether you fit in to the anatomical percentile. Everyone (well, almost) is screened for Apache in the medical now and if you don't fit, you may not be suitable. If you have long legs, it can cause a problem with your knee clearance and egress/ingress (and will be an issue with Wildcat*/FLynx). Ignore what the Sigs say. They are bound to discourage you. Only way to find out is to apply and let an Aviation Specialist tell you. I know of lots of people who are your height who are pilots and also Apache pilots. Don't take my word as a pass though. As I've previously said, you need to be measured first (and weighed. The Apache seats have a weight limit).

As for the waiting list? Its for ground trades so don't worry if you are looking at going aircrew. We are fecking short (although you clearly aren't)!

* Or whatever they're calling it this week. Grumman poo-poo'd AW's claim of calling it Wildcat as that name belongs to them. :roll: I think they're just googling for feline derivatives now......


These are the "official" height, weight and eyesight requirements:

Eyesight requirements are:
Visual Acuity without specs: 6/12
Visual Acuity with specs: 6/6
Lens power: Minus.75 Dioptres to Plus 1.75 Dioptres
Astigmatism: Maximum .75 Dioptres
Colour Perception: ISIHARA test
Weight requirements are: max 96kg or 15 st 11lbs Min 60.4kg or 9 st 5lbs
Height requirements are: 193cm or 6ft 4 inches Min 163cm or 5ft 4ins

So as you can see you are at the top of the height limit. But they also measure leg length, and you can be excluded on that even if you are below maximum height, because long legs can impede you obtaining maximum aileron deflection. However, I passed AAC medical (though to my eternal regret didn't actually join) even though I was slightly too tall and my legs definitely get in the way of everything flying (I am now a civvy pilot). Douglas Bader did have some advantages...

As in many aspects of the army, there is also a bit of allowance. When I did my para course the RAF MO asked how tall I am -
Stab: "6'5" Sir"
MO: "No you're not - you're 6'2".
Stab: "No I am not, Sir, I am 6'5" Sir".
MO "Stab, you are 6'2" and that is an order".
I later found out that 6'2" is the "official" max height for egress from a Herc without banging your nut ..


Many thanks for the info. Looks like i should just bite the bullet and go for it, i dont want to look back in a few years time and regret not having a go.

Do you know if applying to transfer to pilot is like going SF or transfering to other pinch point trades in the respect that your current unit/cap badge can't defer your application because there is a high demand for the slots to be filled? The Signals have a tendency of trying to put obstacles in the way of people transfering, apparently the ratio out to in is 3:1 at the moment so they are not happy.

Cheers again for your help


Many thanks for the info. Looks like i should just bite the bullet and go for it, i dont want to look back in a few years time and regret not having a go.

Exactly my situation grrrr...

Absolutely go for it.

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Mate, do it. There is a Signaller on my AH course and there was one on the last AH course. PM me if you wish and I will pass on your details, they will give you the run down fresh from the mill.

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