AAC Transfer to RMP

I am currently looking at transfering to the RMP but have a few questions. If you could either reply on here or through PM. Any help greatly appreciated.

1) After a number of years and already being an JNCO what will phase 2 be like? - Not expecting special treatment but don't want to be treated like a fresh out of the box Phase 1 Recruit either!

2) What is the promotion rate/time frame like? - It is really slow currently in the AAC

3) What is day to day life like? (is it worth transfering basicly as i am bored of being stuck in a rut and doing the same thing day in, day out)

4) Are there a reasonable number of UK postings mainly in the London/SE area? (yes i am aware i will have to deploy but personal reasons for being based in that area)

5) Any other serious or sensible advice

Thanks in advance to those willing to help.

Also i am aware there are a number of similar threads but a few maybe out of date or i could not find an answer.
Glad to hear you're thinking of coming over, have you talked it through with your CoC and RCMO?

1) Phase 2 is Phase 2, no special treatment except you are expected to act as your rank dictates, you already know its a game - so no big timing it - and remember you came to us; just keep your head down and help those who are struggling.

2) If you're already a LCpl you should get your second stripe after a year (provided you're not a mong) and Cpl you should keep your rank. Just remember that if you are a JNCO, your peer group will be JNCOs so there's no extra recognition. Cpl-Sgt is on usual timelines and you'll have to compete along with everyone else.

3) Boring-Interesting depending on the posting, as a NCO on shift you'll be completing investigations as directed by your Sect Comd and heirarchy. Nights and pay weekends, expect to be busy dealing with pissheads along with anything and everything. In Germany this can range from attempted suicides, to traffic accidents, to public order, in UK it is more about alcohol related violence and minor public order. But you really don't know what'll com in when the phone rings. But, and I'm sure the other RMP on this board have their own stories you will end up dealing with things, and seeing things that you couldn't ever have imagined dealing with.

4) Bulford, Aldershot inc. London Det, Colchester. But to be honest if you're a VT I'd be a bit more amenable to postings at least for your first one. In a shrinking Army you're trying to transfer and then try and plumb for a cushy posting? If you want to learn your trade quickly and be thrown in the deep end then I suggest getting yourself out to BFG.

5) PM me if you need anything else. Good luck, and you'll get a proper feel for it when you come on your attachment.
No, not as such - there are busy Provost Companies but they're nothing compared to the level of crime you'll deal with in Germany. Get yourself out there for your first posting.
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