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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by gazza82, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Hello
    I don't know if this is already on here. I apologise if it is.
    I was just wanting to ask anyone in the AAC on this forum from experience how often you go on tours at the moment? I was told with some infantry regiments they have 2 - 6 weeks then they are back out again I do not know how true this is but just wondered how much of afghanistan i will see when I join in the AAC.


  2. First off the Infantry dont do Op tours every 2-6 weeks, they will probably do various detachments and exercises every few months but not Op tours.

    As to how often as an AAC trooper you will go to Afghan, that will depend on which Regiment you go to and what your trade is. Not sure what the up to date timings are but I would suggest that you wait until you get through Basic training and trade training.
  3. I did not know that sorry... Was just told by a few people. Not that I'm bothered. If I have to go then so be it.

    And I will hopefully be going in as Groundcrew. :)
  4. Gazza

    Just be very aware that the AAC is currently over manned and I can see the influx of Airtprs being turned down significantly in the near future. Check with you ACIO to see if you still have a place in the AAC. Sorry to possibly put a downer on this but its better that you ask the question now rather than being thrown a black beret on Day1 Week 1 and told that you are going RLC!

    On the tour front you will definatley get a tour of Afghan in as we now have both Apache and Lynx(temperature permitting) deployed in theatre.

    Good luck.

  5. Thanks for the advice GH749
    I was told by my careers office that they are currently needing more AAC groundcrew so I hope I will be ok.
  6. I've also heard that the Corps is fully manned on the ground crew front as well!

    MCM have turned down some good lads from rejoining that thought the grass was greener on the outside. :cry:

    Always, Always listen to the grown ups! :roll:

  7. The corps is overmanned as I was told recently reference a posting, we are overmanned so if you don't want to go......

    Also have had recruits try to reallocate to the corps and be turned down. And had inf recruits try to re allocate to the RLC and get turned away!!!!

    Everybody is getting the required numbers!
  8. Oh...
    I will have to find out then as my 1st job choice is AAC. tho my second is Air Despatcher.
  9. If your ACIO has allocated you to the AAC then you should get your first choice. However you may have to wait a while. At present the AAC requires about 5 recruits per quarter to maintain the numbers from normal wastage i.e people leaving early or reaching 22 years and some medical discharges etc.

    Good luck don't be too disheartened if you have to wait a little while (a couple of months, longer than that then maybe go to a different job in the army). Keep up any training your doing. A good mile and a hlaf time could be the factor that makes you stand out!!!!
  10. gazza
    good luck all the same.

  11. thanks everyone :D :salut:
  12. Went and did my BARB test yesterday as I am looking to join AAC(at the grand old age of 31)

    If they dont have any places then there is no career in the army for me, I am pretty adamant where I want to be.
  13. my platoon sgt says we will be going to afghan twice in every 3 years in the air corps
  14. Is he AAC?
  15. Yes he is