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Hi all,

My mate has only been in the Army for 8 months, he's currently in phase 2 training for the AAC but wants to transfer to the engineers. He asked his squadron who basically fcuked him off and told him to wait until he got his AAC posting (which take months) obviously this has made him a bit down hearted with the Army, what can be done to help him progress with a transfer??

cheers for the advice
Don't take this as advice ...... it worked for me but I was a necky bu**er. Just food for thought.

I did a few courses in my time that parent units didn't really like their men attending or were always over subscribed, amongst them EOD, AACC, Trg Regts and always got mucked about regardless of rank.

My solution, I called the relevant units/course Chief clerk and asked straight up to go there, lots of enthusiasm and positivity (is that a real word). Then I got them to initiate from their end. Your parent unit / Corps will hate you but ....... who cares ? You're well out of it and on yer way !

Worst crime is that of regret, I felt that had to push and make it happen sometimes ...... just make sure your case is 100% viable and you are 100% sure. They will let you go eventually, but lose your bottle, get your research wrong or pitch it wrong at your RE POC and you are:

FUBAR'ed !!!

Hope you make it as there is no outfit like it, truly legendary.

Been out 6 years but have to (anonomously) admit to missing it some times. Thank fcuk for Army v Navy etc even though I get to far to few.


See this link:


and note in particular:

"...It is important to note that your unit may not delay the processing of the application form, however the actual transfer may be formally delayed in exceptional circumstances such as when the unit has been formally warned for an Operational Tour..."

Also see Annex B to AGAI 48 - Reallocation of Recruits Who Have Completed Basic Training.

Come back to me if the squadron continues to refuse to process the application.
cheers guys, Thanks for your advice, my mate will be grateful that there is at least something postive which can be done, will pass your info

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