AAC Time Bar/Return of Service

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by napoleon_dynamite, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of any individuals who have left the Corps (whether to civvy street/RAF/RN) whilst still serving their timebar. Have heard various anecdotal stories that suggest the time bar is not worth the paper it's written on but would appreciate any info.
  2. I know of someone who successfully argued that under employment law the timebar is only applicable if you are in the role that the timebar is designed to bond you to.

    So - if you are timebarred because the Army has invested in you by training you to be a pilot, but you now fly a desk, the timebar is supposedly meaningless under UK law.

    As I say, this was successfully argued to MCM and the person concerned left the Army - not sure if it is legally tested.
  3. Like I say I have heard similar. When faced with the threat of legal proceedings MCM have (supposedly) backed down. The reason I ask is that rumours emanating from MW would suggest that they are clamping down on individuals trying to 'escape' from their timebar. Has anyone else heard similar?

  4. Yes, but again, its a threat and nothing more. As usual, MCM trying to play the ignorance card....hoping the blokes are ignorant of the system and using a good old fashioned military threat to get them to tow the line.

    Can't blame them seeings how the Corps is possibly leaking like the side of the Titanic at the moment and more so in the near future.

    Best solution to get the proper gen would be to have a chat to ALS or spend a couple of quid chatting to a lawyer. I cant remember the name of the solicitor who did quite a bit for the crabs regarding flying pay but he's up to speed on mil contracts. I think he's based in Lincoln. Pprune will know.
  5. It is possible to escape from the Corps inside of your timebar (and within the 12 month PVR restriction) the 'legal' way if your CO signs the section in the PVR paperwork releasing you from it. There's no justification to hold you if you're transferring service within those timeframes. However, they will want justification if you are leaving the service altogether.

    A mildly interesting point is that due to training pipelines, and your timebar commencing from date of wings, it is possible for you timebar to exceed your length of Commission. The clerks say that it is only your Commission that counts, wheras Glasgow says your Return of Service (ie Timebar) is prevelant, and that they can and will summarily extend your Commission to fit....

    Good luck and Flash is right, they will play the ignorance card, but only because no-one asks them or tests it! The rumours on this one are many and varied, possibly because each case is dealt with individually as they are relatively rare, although transfers are now no longer so!
  6. This link from PPrune may help Traninig Bonds

    General gist is that time bars/training bonds are legally binding, if applied correctly. A 4 year square bond (i.e. the cost to repay doesn't depreciate with time) may not be binding.

    As with anything, if you're considering challenging your time bar take some real legal advice, don't trust a web site.
  7. That's the rub. It's all rumour. It'd be good to get fact. Especially when (OPSEC Breach!!) i'm in the position of trying to contest the 4 year RoS for transferring to the AAC. Not that i'd be that disloyal.....

  8. i find this mildly surprising, as i've seen the exact opposite argued and supported. a few years ago, somebody finished the pilots course successfully but decided they might be happier back in their old regiment. they investigated and were told, quite categorically, that the time bar was to the Army, not the AAC. so they were free to return to their old unit and soldier on, albeit time barred to stay in for the remaining 3.5 years.

    maybe the message is - they will agree to anything if you fight it hard enough, cos there is no real answer :)

    oh, and minor point but i thought the time bar was applied from the date of signing, not date of wings? i know mine was. or is this an MCM cockup?
  9. Mine was dated specifically from wings. Dealings recently with MCM confirmed this.

  10. Still got three and a half years to serve on yours then, crow? :D
  11. Cancellation of Return of Service, "Deemed in the interests of the Service" :eek:

    Happy with that :D

    Old man...

  12. Fur one.

    Did you have to sign a new one for your new 'job'?

  13. Good drills. :wink:

    Seems its the last desperate effort to keep people in.

    Carrot and stick in reverse.

    Hardly any wonder we are leaking people left right and chelsea.

    Man management skills of the Dachau permanent staff.
  14. They show no interest in treating the blokes fairly as they say they are fully manned. Therefore they can't justify holding people when they say they want to go early!

    If only it was that straightforward...