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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rememonkey, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. having served with 2 AAC units (the circus) i have a few questions....

    1. does the army need them? (i.e we could just use navy pilots etc)

    2. are they the youngest regiment/corps in the army?

    3. how can they call themselves teeth arms? they are a circus

    4. why do they hang on to the glider pilot regt at pegasus bridge sketch? (it was all ox and bucks who did it) ?


    Any AAC wanna shed some light?
  2. I can see this thread ending in tears
  3. Young BAT, by the looks of it.

    Well, young BAT, might I suggest you present yourself to someone far more knowledgeable than you from the Corps, and ask them in person.

    Or is it your intention to anonymously bait people who've served for longer than you've drawn breath?
  4. Not really worth the effort. I've got better things to do. :roll:
  5. no i was wandering what you think
  6. I believe they call it trolling. :roll:

    Whatever the truth, don't forget that your job as a BAT is to service the AAC.
  7. Dear BAT,
    Did you get lost on the way for the loaf of bread?
    If only you were on the parade square at Wallop when we (AAC and you BATS) used to meet for Pimms and lemonade after last orders....
    BUT no you were probably still at school.

  8. Grow up young Bat
  9. Right then u fukcing ********,
    Yes the Army needs the AAC, the Navy are overstretched and do not have the manpower to man and supply the Apache for use with either the Army or the Marines. The AAC can.
    The youngest/newest Regiment inthe Army is the recently formed Surveillance Regiment
    They are a teeth arm. They do not choose to title themselves as such, that is decided by others, way above your level of intellect (& pay scales)
    They dont hang onto Pegasus Bridge, it's a young Corps with some history.

    The REME on the other hand??? Formed in 1942 so a little more senior than the Corps you are slagging off, and with your motto 'By skill and by fighting' (both of which are hard to believe), unless we assume you are attempting to resolve your failings by using the latter element!!

    Looking forward to your reply you cock. :evil:
  10. enema, I cant beleive youve bothered to rise to Remenobber.

    All very obvious and dull.

  11. Bored Flash,

    Used up all my warm soapy water, just waiting for some to cool down a little!
    You want me to send you a piccie? 8O
  12. liked it though!!!!!!!
  13. Thats right you are there to serve, so bend over 'incoming'. 8O
  14. Littlejonny would rock himself gently staring at the screen mesmorised with this Oafs comment.

    A few things for you.....

    1. A personal invite to run onto my fist.

    2. Dont Slag the corps in the Aviation Forum, we may gripe but were proud of who we are.

    3. To even mention the GPR in bad light so close to rememberence day is a disgrace. Think before you speak Geek.