Does any body know if it is possible to join the Army Air Corps TA, or is a closed shop for ex regular member`s. I was chating to a mate who recons they have no training team to take strait from the street. I have 2 years TA time in the RLC does that count..


The AAC TA unit, 7 Regiment, is a Specialist unit only open to ex-members of the AAC.

Its pretty small really, and I've heard that there is no promotion within its ranks; everybody stays the rank that they were when they left the regular AAC.

Having said that, they may take RLC drivers as they have a strong MT requirement (at least regular sqns do) and I'm not sure how ex-regulars AAC groundcrew join them.
The AAC TA ground crew is open to anybody who is Ex regular services ie.. Navy/RAF/Marines no formal ground crew experience is necessary. If you are currently serving in the TA with over 3 years in (I think) you may also apply although dont expect to keep your rank, as promotion is slow due to the size of the Regt.

No drill nights they only meet up once a month normally the 2nd weekend of each month accommodation and 3 meals a day are provided.

Moral is good and few people leave due to the Relaxed attitude. Its a case of work hard play hard and treat all as grown-ups that volunteer to be there

All pilots must have done the Army Pilots Cse, as a regular to join and places are very hard to get.

More details can be found on the following number:
01980 628935

7 Regt AAV (v)
Airfield Camp
Salisbury Plain

...Please don`t contact me for details as I am leaving to move to Africa soon........

Cheers Bob
:D :D The TA AAC at netheravon is a good crack.
As bob said we get treated like adults, work hard but play even harder. There are various camps every year most of the time working with regs.
Rank is hard to come by, however, there is no bullshit and every rank helps out and digs in.
Give it a whirl :evil: :evil: :evil:

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