AAC TA Regt to disband as an economy measure

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Folks, I realise I'm straying out of my remit here but I read a piece on Janes.com site that the UK Government is to disband a AAC TA regiment of 22 LOH Gazelles and lay off 84 aircrew all as a cost saving measure. And I thought you blokes were the way ahead for the Army.....
  2. Hmm, sign of the times it seems.
  3. Laying off the aircrew seems a bit shortsighted given the shortage of Crews in general, I'm sure those on intensive ops would appreciate the rest. Mind you it would cost to retrain them on more sophisticated aircraft now wouldn't it.
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. Oh yeah. That'll be more tasks than "S" Lynx, I think.
  6. This has been on the cards for a while! When I posted this this a while ago, I was slated for it.
  7. Natural Selection thats all!
  8. That why you're a civvi now Ginge???? :D
  9. I think that had more to do with the CPS than with Darwin. ;)
  10. OldSnowy

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    When some clever buggers realise that pre-night flying recce flights will now have to be done with a Chinook, Merlin or whatever instead of with a Gazelle, and when GOC 2Div has to drive to Inverness in 6 hours instead of flying in 1, perhaps someone will think that this was not a particularly good idea.

    It'll be too late by then, of course :)
  11. I've never posted here before, but the disbanding of 7 Regt (V) AAC has shocked me.

    The news is almost a month old now, yet beyond threads like this one I'm dismayed by how little press or even general chit-chat this is generating. The AAC is losing an entire Regiment!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the recent role of 7 Regt (V) has been Homeland Security (plus other UK tasking)? It strikes me as worrying (and political dynamite) that such a valuable Homeland Security asset is being removed on cost grounds! In the current climate this is entirely contradictory!

    Homeland Security includes assets for natural disasters and I can foresee a time when another Boscastle-type incident occurs (or larger) and the call goes out "where are the helicopters?" (or at least, "where are the helicopters to back-fill tasks and keep things ticking over whilst other helicopters deal with the big emergency"?)

    I believe there is no such thing as "too many helicopters". In this world we should at least be maintaining numbers. Some may disagree tho?!

    To some (small) degree I can understand the cost implications of re-training the aircrew... but then wouldn't it have been a relatively seamless transition from Gazelle to, say, EC-135 or similar?? We're not talking LOH to AH here. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

    This brings me onto my next point... I'm can't help but think this has far more to do with Project Stockwell and closing airfields than anything else. I'm amazed by how little noise is coming from Project Stockwell (am I being naive? Is it even still alive?). The cynic in me thinks that by cutting 7 Regt (V) the need for Stockwell has been dramatically reduced...

    Likewise, by cutting 7 Regt (V) Netheravon is no longer needed (will military flying cease there for the first time ever, one of the oldest airfields in the land??!) and the AAC can pull out of RAF Leuchars and RAF Shawbury. The former means the AAC will no longer have a presence north of the border. The latter is a pity, as I reckon it was good to have an AAC presence there besides DHFS. Fewer bases make for big savings...

    I can only hope that some kind of TA presence (groundcrew and/or aircrew) will be preserved by a move to Middle Wallop, even if just Squadron or Flight strength? Does anyone know if this is on the cards? At the very least some kind of AH groundcrew support could be maintained alongside 673 Sqn, rather like the 6 Regt (V) role.
  12. No not Lynx, Gazelle...
  13. I'm pretty sure I heard that 6 Regiment are opening another groundcrew squadron at Wallop soon...
  14. Can anyone from 6 Regt (V) confirm this?

    If you hear any more about this Bumpkin1 please post it here, we'd be very grateful...