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AAC Sports


I have been thinking about the AAC as an alternative choice to the Cav, as us Ocdt types are supposed to "keep our options open"

Could someone tell me what sports are popular within the AAC as the web page is rather limited,

Anything that has a link to drink...however remote.


to name a few.

Trouble is trying to find the time nowadays.
All the usual sports but we are rather keen on Skiing (proper downhill and, unfortunatley, that pointless horizontal walking like a mong- langlaufing crap), Bobsleigh (dont ask Mighty Do nut, he will bore you senseless), Rugger, Sailing (have our own tub), Tennis (have an Army player or two), kiss ball and I believe we have quite a strong underwater basket weaving team for the 06 season.

Have a word with the AAC RLO (new one turns up at MW in the new year ;)). I'm sure he can give you more details.
Dominoes (5's and 3's though, not the easy version either)
Pool (including killer for hard cash)

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