AAC Soldier or REME airtech?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingcal91, May 12, 2008.

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  1. i am hoping to join as one of the above but i cant decide which one to go for as my top choice, any advice/ pointers?
  2. Make a list of pros and cons?
  3. What makes you want to do either? That isn't a dismissive comment but surely if you have been offered Aircraft Technician then you should also have been offered a hell of a lot more jobs.

    Not wanting to belittle the AAC in any way, I would suggest that if you had the chance to get a trade then you should do so.

    Go across to the REME forum and look at the thread's about life in the Aviation world. people such as PotAussie and Stained Eligius may be able to answer any pertinent questions as well.
  4. REME pros:
    upper pay band

    AAC pros:
    get called an Air Trooper
    general coolness
    really what i had my heart set on until i started thinking too much
  5. Do what your heart says, I want to be light gunner and everyone wants to put me off it but I'm sticking to it. Do what you want mate.
  6. i here what you say,
    suppose it really depends what grades i get, first exam tommorrow so finger's crossed.
    I am predicted all C's and above but i am really touching cloth about the maths.
  7. Do a bit of research. find out what a "cool" air trooper does all day, and what an Aircraft/Avionics tech does all day, checkout opportunities for advancement, and gaining better qualifications (after all every one has to leave the army some time), for god sake do not base your decision on the rank being "cool" it is no way to make decisions that may well affect the rest of your life.

    And BTW if you want to be a tech your maths sure as hell had better be up to scratch.

  8. i really split between the what i have wanted to do for a long time and the more sensible option
  9. Whichever you want, don't let higher bands of pay persuade you to join otherwise, you're not joining up to make money - if you want money there are other jobs besides military work.
  10. Ask yourself the question why you have wanted to be and Air Trooper for such a long time (and how long is long) where and when was the idea first implanted that Air tooper is the best job in the world and you just have to be one.

    I wanted to be an Air frames and propulson engineer in the RAF prior to leaving school ended up an ECE in the REME and loved every minute of it no regrets at all so what you want to do as a "child" is not necessarilly the right decision for you as a "grown up".

    BTW only trying to help you ask the right questions not trying to push you one way or the other ultimately the decision is yours it just has to be the right one for you.
  11. well i am acctually a Sgt in the ATC and used to want to be a Mechanical Aircratt tech in the RAF (that is what my cousin used to do until he left three weeks ago when his squadron disbanded) then we all got carted off to some visit to an army base and the AAC were there, went in the choppers and that is about the point i decided i HAVE to do this. :) this was about 3-4 years ago
  12. Besides if you go down the tech route your extra pay will be swallowed by the Warhammer.
  13. I should be encouraging you to go for AAC but as has been said, if you have already been given the choice of Airtech, I would go for that one.

    Your heart may tell you to go with what sounds 'coolest' but you will find that novelty wears off quite quickly in the real world.

    Find out what each job entails then get back to us with a bit of objective questioning. We may be able to help. :wink:
  14. KingCal i nicked your avatar mate, hope you dont mind :lol:

    anyway, what's an avatar between geordies...? ;)
  15. a geordie located in North London?