AAC soldier and AAC soldier (Groundcrew)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Robbo82, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Hello all
    Just seem a little confuse one of my job choices is AAC Soldier (Groundcrew) Which I found in the Logistics section though I was just looking through the jobs site and came across the AAC Soldier in the Combat section. Now everything is exactly the same apart from the basic training is conducted in winchester with (groundcrew) and pirbright with AAC Soldier.
    Does anyone know if there is actually a difference in the 2 jobs? :?
  2. Yeh ive noticed that too mate, Ive got a friend whos in the AAC groundcrew and he did his phase 1 at pirbright, I cant see how they would both be different im not 100% about it but im pretty sure all AAC groundcrew basic is done at pirbright.
  3. I was originally going for AAC, and if I recall correctly P1 was at Pirbright.
  4. Pirbright=Adult entry (17+)
    Winchester=Junior entry (16-17)

  5. Is winchester now used as a young recruits training centre mainly?
  6. Oh well just had another look and it states that winchester for males and pirbright for females on the Groundcrew. For the AAC soldier just got pirbright.
    As it is in both categories Logistic and Combat does that make any differences or does it just mean that the role can be classed as Combat and logistics?
  7. Yep. I'm guessing you dont have a computer, internet access or know where the British Army website is? Do you think having a look on there could give you some answers? :wink:
  8. The AAC (all trades and roles) is Combat. However, some of the roles within the AAC could be considered Logistic. We have Apaches and we kill people - QED Combat. :wink:
  9. AAC Soldiers are streamed as Groundcrew and Signals in their phase 2 training, all training in Phase 1 is identical unless the recruit is junior entry (winchester and or Harrogate) or all others who are at Pirbright.
  10. Well yeah maybe but then again why bother doing that when you had a perfectly good answer? To be honest I was not even thinking about winchester seeing as im going to pirbright, But as you mentioned it thought I would ask.
  11. Ah I see.
    guess thats my question answered. To sum it up Groundcrew can be classed as logistic as they resuply the helicopter but also as Combat as the job requires to go out and engage in combat situations.
    And as winchester is now mainly for juniors they have changed p1 training to pirbright for adults. They just probably forgot to change the info on the existing job role on the web. ;)

    Hope that was correct :p

    :salut: :thumleft: :thumright:
  12. Yes, the two supposedly different jobs are in fact the same job and, as AAC is a combat arm, should really be classed as combat roles (even though you do sigs and groundcrew within that job).
  13. Hey thats Great
    Thanks for all the help guys :D

  14. Im passing out of pirbright in 4 days as a smurf,

    Theres only one role to join up as in the air corps, once you get to your phase 2 establishment you'll do an induction, 6 week CMS programme and then streaming, so depending on your aptitude youll either go Airtrooper Class 3 Groundcrew or Airtrooper Class 3 Signaller, signallers are the smart ones, groundcrew the not so smart. And then obviously once at your unit you could aim for pilot, forward air controller, doorgunner etc.

    so hope that answers your question (p.s never read the whole topic so incase anyone already explained this, sorry for double posting or whatever you call it :p )
  15. AAC squaddies can go on the deliberate ops with the infantry, infact thats what alot of corps are ending up doing in theatre now. Theres only a handful of apaches that need bombing up, so the army is hardly guna pay us for 1 hour work per day :p

    Would be put on patrolling and QRF duties etc.