AAC SNCO mess dress

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Titch79, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering which tailors anyone would recommended for AAC mess snco mess dress?
  2. Can't help much, other than to suggest you don't spend a fortune on what is, ultimately, a suit for getting trollied in, and which might need considerable letting-out as your career progresses.
  3. Micheal Jay in Stowmarket Michael Jay Tailoring are pretty good and local to Wattisham so you always get a pal to help out with delivery and collection if you are not local.

  4. The Mess Dress offer a pretty good service.

    - The Mess Dress Ltd

    The AAC eagles don't look like pigeons either.....
  5. If it's still the tradition to wear silver-coloured cufflinks engraved with the eagle I've a pair going spare.

  6. The cool kids have .50Cal cases made into cufflinks now.

    Don't know what the AH pumpers are doing though.
  7. How gash.
  8. Try the AAC museum they have/had a collection of 2nd hand mess dress for sale.
  9. If you have any medals, make sure you have them in miniature and wear them correctly, trust me on this one.