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Afternoon all,
i have tried searching for this question but couldn't see an answer anywhere, so sorry if this has been asked before.

I'm currently looking at transferring out of the Infantry. I'ver been a vocational signaller for 4 years and would like to stay working in this field.

I have a pretty good idea about how other Regiments and Corps employ their signals bods, but i've been unable to find out anything on the AAC signallers from the Army website and i don't know anyone in the AAC.

Basically my question is this: how are signallers employed in the AAC? I've spent the last 4 years in either a Battlion HQ or a Company Signals Det.

If i were to transfer to the AAC would i be working in similar sorts of environments?

Thats pretty much all i have to ask, thanks in advance to any answers.


War Hero
Sigs bods are the gayest in the AAC. They often sit around drinking tea in dresses as they like to cross dress.

Every now and then they challenge the MT boys to Drinkathons..Where they will be man down for about a week afterwards recovering.

If you like cross dressing, painting your nails, read take-a-break and like sucking c0ck then sigs is for you. :hump:
Spanish_Dave said:
Speak to MDN as he was a flaggy in the AAC

He likes to think he was. He was a bumbandit of the highest order who really had a burning desire to be a trueblue bowsermong. Because bowsermongs get the girls. Sigs fcuk em then we break em in afterwards. And the tales of derring do....................
On a less serious note you could try the backdoor (no pun intended) and contacting M Wallop and seeing what you may be able to do. You'd still have to do bowsermong training and HGV but once at your unit then you may well be adopted by the gay signals section. Good Luck.
Signals for the Army Air Corps: BG HQs, ops rooms around the world, flight following and putting up with aircrews' horrendous VP in places like Kenya, Belize, Suffield as well as UK and Germany. Detachments at FOBs in Afghan, rebros and squadron CPs on exercise. RSI and trade training at Wallop and being asked how to work Bowman or just get comms by other units wherever you go....

OR sleeping under a temperamental truck filled with purified diesel and smelling like a BP station for most of your career, and stagging on with a rifle in the woods outside the CP while the sigs det brew up and get hot shaves on the kero heater inside. The only birds who go for MT lads are the ones with a 'thing' for skin diseases.


Cheers for the replies guys,
I have tried to ask some of the signallers out here, but the det commander is like the invisible man and the the signallers i've spoken to haven't got a clue about their job (their words not mine).

Sounds pretty similar to what i do anyway.

But for the cross dressing, i've tried it apparentyl i don't make a very convincign french maid even with my fishnet stockings and blonde wig.


Tis true mate only homo's are sig's in AAC, being a bowsermong is where its at....queering each other up in the sigs store is the main qualification...and the ability to hello one this is zero...one wont answer coz he knows your a fecking zero!!

any way good luck with your what ever choice you make....(not Laura Ashley)


Seeing as I finished school, can spell my name and don't get off refueling my car or poking my arrse with a dipstick I chose Sigs. Now I can whip my boyfriend with a antenna and save money by RF burning my bollocks at work during the week rather in my dungeon/gamesroom at the weekend.No contest really.

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