AAC Short on Pilots

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ozzymick, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. I read today in the September issue of Soldier that there is a shortage of Pilots and the Lt Col in charge of the Personnel Section says troops with flying potential would be considered.

    What do you make of all this then?

    And if I rejoined at 29 what do you think my chances are, already having a PPL (H) License. I only left in 2003 and would seriously consider rejoining.
  2. it depends if you are qualified! are you at least a LCpl with one CR recommending promotion to Cpl. have you completed your Junior Cadre (brecon?)

    if so why not inquire to the pilot selection centre at middle wallop?
  3. There will be a surplus of pilots by the time I am eligible for pilot selection, I can tell you that! :(

  4. I'll be teaching PFLs on the Moon by then hopefully.

    The AAC has discovered that their policy a few years ago in almost exclusively recruiting DE AAC officers has sort of fcuked up the balance a bit. All those young thrusters who were going to occupy AH are now SO3 Papershuffle with little prospect of getting back into the saddle - they've either signed off, applied for the crabs or are lost in some random HQ. The normal backbone of the flying world - the NCOs, both AAC and outside the Corps E3s- were neglected on the recruiting front so we dont have those chaps in great numbers any more. The old crusty SNCOs are now flying for 10 Regt AAC (Police/Air Ambulance) and the rest of the blokes are thredders with back to back Iraqistan tours. No one wants to be a QHI due to career fouling and the rest of the army still have no idea that they can be a pilot as an NCO. Net result major shortage of pilots with the situation getting worse before it gets better. There are quite a few chaps who are taking the pension hit by banging out well before their IPP and running early. Add to that the recent flying pay debacle, the withdrawal of FRI and a general lack of investment in the insurance policy and you have a thin end of a large wedge.

    The average flying experiance of the blokes in a sqn is less than 1000 hours. They are however very operationally experienced but 'burn out' quicker and walk.

    So, jump onboard. You'll love it. ;)
  5. Will there be anyone left to fly?
    We are celebrating the 50th Aniversary, will the Corps see it's 60th?
  6. More than likely......

    Not sure where from though. :roll:
  7. 10 Regt AAC...I like it, a lot.
  8. I am chuffed to feck with this news. I am in the process of re-enlisting back into the military after giving up a CP job in the middle east so I can attempt pilot selection. I got speaking to an AAC pilot a few weeks ago in Oban his aircraft had developed a technical problem, and was waiting for another aircraft to extract him back to NI. His sentiments were similar to Lordflashearts, pilots leaving in there droves to pursue careers in Heli Med and Police helicopters. He thought I was crazy giving up the money I was on to attempt pilot selection when the failure rate is quite high. He had been AAC for 18 years and would have left himself if it wasn't for the fact he was so close to his 22 year point. A question for Flash, do you think being 27 is to late to apply for pilot selection?
    Regards Kev
  9. Who's the best one to speak to at Middle Wallop? and any contact details I have tried the friendly email approach to no avail.

    I would hate to miss this opportunity. I found a copy of my initial OC's interview from my first posting and it clearly says on there "Pte **** has noted an interest in joining the AAC as a Pilot.

    Any help please Lord Flashheart.

    I am also keen not to let my flying go to waste, cost me a fortune in NZ, (though I know it is totally different flying in the Military)
  10. overheard a conversation between yannie and her mates discussing why in the soldier magazine was the pilots not so good looking .
    Yannie replied because she as the handsome one's on her phone ,So who ever they are in the AAC own up
  11. Finally getting somewhere MCM Div are on the case. Been told each case is looked at individually and my age may not necessarily be a problem.

    Still not holding my breath though yet
  12. 27 isn't too old. What rank and unit were you before you left?

    The AAC can still be choosy and they would want the maximum return of service for their investment.
  13. Hi Flash,
    I was a Corporal and I served with the 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. I have already re-enlisted just waiting out for a date to return to Canterbury.
    Regards Kev
  14. You could always get the techs to fly the bloody things-
    hey, we do everything else for you so it wouldn't be too much of a burden!!
    If flying was difficult it'd be a REME trade!!!
  15. Very true, which is why we get paid so much more than you :)