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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dubford5, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. Hi, have posted this on Pprune but hope there are some chaps on this site that can help. I am looking for some advice on what i could/should be doing before applying for selection to the AAC.

    I have served one year since my commissioning and so have another year to go before i am eligible to apply for the pilots cse.

    I passed OASC and flying grading while at Sandhurst but did not get through the interview. I have a PPL and fly TMG regularly, although flying experience didn't seem to matter on my last interview.

    I am out of the country for 6 months but will be filling out the paperwork on my return and trying to arrange a visit to a Regt.

    Does anybody have any words of wisdom or recommend things i could be doing to increase my chances this time around?

    I don't suppose you know the number of officers who are currently being selected from other cap badges?
    Is there are quota? Are other cap badges getting Apache? What are the chances to transfer after a tour?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I didn't know the AAC had any processes, let alone one for selction!

    1. Good luck with PPRuNe!

    2. 'words of wisdom'? On ARRSE? Are you kidding?

    3. I hear that the RLC are getting them - to store them!

    I know I've been no help whatsoever - send a PM to The_Lord_Flasheart - he loves helping aspiring young pilots! :D
  3. Dubford5, I can't be arrsed looking back on the aviation pages on here, but if you do a search (above on this page) and look for keyword 'selection', you should find what your looking for. Quite a few have asked the same, and got a reply. Lord Flashy is one of the resident guru's on aviation matters (AAC wise). He's currently BB stalking this weekend so you may not get a quick reply.