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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Corpsman, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Just wanted to say a bloody well done to the Corps rugby team, who well and truly stuck it to the R Sigs yesterday in Aldershot, final score was 55 - 7. This now means that we are promoted to Merit table 1, which means that we get to play against all the big names next year. We proved yesterday what standard we can achieve once we have all the players released. So i plead with all you people out there in command appointments, where possible (and i know its not always), please pleae relaese your gladiators to represent the Corps. I know it often causes resentment against those that dont play sport, but all i can say is get off your arses and either get good at something, or support your Corps where we need it.

    Any way enough of the rant, well done lads, and nice to see a few old faces coming out to watch, Big Trev and Ca**y to name a few.
  2. Well done. Now you can start playing some proper teams.

    Not exactly a massive achievement, though. Beating some pasty faced techs and fat lads. :D
  3. big trev?? was he not ex scaley?
  4. He was Canteen cowboy, makes it all the sweeter.
  5. Who the feck are you? Have you ever played Rugby? N**her! 8O
  6. I was just going to ignore him, but now he has got me started,

    If you had any idea about rugby, or how hard the Corps work, and all the Sh*t we have to go through to get 15 people who have a notion about the game, then you would realise it is a massive achievement. We really do need to use this as a wake up call to all those people, Like Stab Tiffy, who would rather sit back in their Regiments and whine about all the gladiators getting time off work. People really do need to start to support the sports within the Corps, as there are some very talented people amongst us, they just need the support from the powers that be. People playing sport, may not be driving a bowser, or pushing or pulling cabs, but they are still on duty and representing the cap badge we all wear on a daily basis. It obviously means more to some than others.
  7. If you fancy a quick laugh at someone else's expense, just check out my thread on rugby in the Sigs forum, its such a shame that some people just cant stand being made to look foolish. As for us not being able to stand it in Merit table 1, we actually scored more points against the Sigs than anyone has all season, and conceeded very few ( 1 lucky try) ah well only time will tell.
  8. wot has the best rugby team? ie. infantry ra or who?
  9. the final yesterday was the RA against the RLC, not sure who won
  10. I thought you were supposeed to be on your USA course, how can you find the time to do all these posts celebrating the achievements of the Corps team?? Get back to work!!
  11. He is not ex scaley but still an exsisting scaley, not for long though, anyway, well done you bunch of choppers :wink:
  12. Hey Duc,

    I can saaure you that Big T is well and truly Ex Scaley, he must have moved across to the beloved Corps almost 20 years ago, now is a Mr.
  13. lads, if you aint going to be up for supporting the Corps team who've worked their balls off just to be available for matches, then get fecked. i personally know how hard it is to get away for matches. Cant congratulate the team enough on a fecking tremendous effort all season. Let's keep it up lads and with good support from the heirachy lets take it to everbody else!!!
  14. have to agree with you as I played at same time as "Trev" for corps and 8 Sig's when he was ssgt i believe he transferred to AAC on LE commissioning

    added i could still be wrong ..wouldn't be 1st time