AAC Recruiting/Wannabe Thread...

I noticed that a lot of the individual forums have 'wannabe' threads to keep all the repetitive questions in one place. Perhaps this could be one of them?

I have a few questions if anyone could help answer them.

Bit of a long one.....

I read that about now, three Aviation Attack Regiments have formed with each regiment compromising two squadrons. These squadrons will be formed from Apaches and one support squadron of Lynxs and are 9 Reg (Dishforth) 3 Reg and 4 Reg (Wattisham). These newly formed regiments are being forged into a new Arm with RAF Support Helicopter Squadrons, 16 Air Assault Brigade and the Paras.

However, I also read that all Attack Helicopters will be located at Wattisham to replace the Lynx, and someone that I spoke to said they believed that 9 Reg was being relocated to Wattisham, and that there would not be any Aviation Attack Regiment at Dishforth.

Which is right?

In my mind the former is more likely.

Onto the Battlefield Light Utility Helicopter. Can I confirm that this is the new Lynx? If so, is it due into service this year?

Am I right in thinking that the Gazelle is being phased out by Apache and the new Lynx?

1. 9 Regt Dishforth. All Lynx
2. 3+4 Regt Wattisham. All apache
This is how it is now.

Decision for FLynx/BRH will be made soon. If it is procurred, it will initially work along side the remaining Lynx in the Battlefield Recce Helicopter/Light Utility Role. We are only looking at buying around 40 or so compared to the 65 odd Lynx we currently have.

First flight of the FLynx/BRH is due 2009. ISD 2014+.

Gazelle hasn't really been phased out by AH or Lynx because neither can do the job it can so efficiently or so cheaply. It isn't deployed on ops anymore but will remain in service for the foreseable future.

If FLynx gets shitcanned, there are a couple of possibilities;

1. We buy 'off the shelf' (do a search on here for some possibilities bandied around).
2. AAC ceases to excist (much to the glee of some in the aggresive wing of Easyjet- the RAF).

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