Aac rank slides

Have been on leave and returned to work today to notice that one of my AirTprs had a olive green rank slide on. I was slightly taken aback as I knew the Cpls to Sgts board had just been published and knowing the corps is short of NCO pilots thought it was the latest master plan. To move in line with the REME Airtechs and put ranks slides in cereal boxes! (Only kidding before someone far cleverer than me, not difficult, builds a gallows out of corn flake packets and brings the BAT outrage bus round my basha)!

Back to the thread, I was then informed that it was now Corps policy to wear these new ranks slides. They are awful, olive green rank slide with AAC in black at the bottom. For NCOs the insignia is an off gold colour and the chevrons appear to slightly larger than on normal issued slides, you are issued one. Not sure if you get promoted you can exchange it or what? Also only to be worn in camp not on exercise or ops where you revert to normal issued ones.

In the grand scheme of cost saving measures is it really worth it for something that doesn't even replace the standard issued rank slide and looks arrse!!! Do AirTprs really need to advertise they are AirTprs is the lack of rank slide really that difficult to understand?

When I questioned the logic of this item, I was informed that it is to make the Corps stand out. Does the Light Blue Beret, Stable belt and TRF not do it?

That said they are probably made by Westlands as well. That would explain it! And also when they fall apart in 4 months time we will know why!!LOL
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