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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by shamrock, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Good chance of getting shot down here but hey hoy. I,m ex- infantry. When to careers office a while ago to be told i,m too old for re inlist.Was interested in AAC. Is this an ACC only site? Does anyone here speak for the RAF corner for advice? Should i bugger off with my head down and ask someone else. Thanks lads :?
  2. You could try E Goat, the RAF site. Unfortunately, it's a pale shadow of the mighty ARRSE. :wink:

    Another suggestion would be to post in the TA Forum, if you're interested in the RAF Reserves. Try the Search function as well; ISTR a previous Thread on the RAFR.

    Best of luck! :D
  3. Shamrock - it depends where you are and what you want to do. There are less RAF Reserve units than TA. However, they are all good and undertake very good training and turn out superb personnel. I've had a few working for me on ops and worked with others and they were all every bit as good as their oppos.


    Have a read about and see what you think.
  4. 6 Regt AAC (V)

    RHQ - Bury St Edmunds

    677 Sqn AAC (V) - BSE, dets in Norwich and Swaffham

    655 Sqn AAC (V) - MW - to be formed this year.

    We have an Armynet presence under Units & Orgs \ Territorial Army.

    Plenty of opportunities to mobilise / FTRS, if that's your bag...

  5. Shamrock,

    PM me for info on the RAF Reserves, your location and what you are looking at doing and I will see what I can do to help.


  6. Alternatively you can find the same people here

    Here clicky
  7. We have withdrawn from the above event.Far to warlike in nature, much prefer Kandahar.
  8. I do apologise but I'm somewhat of an ARRSE 'nig'... I'm trying to post a new topic for this but can't seem to do so, can anyone help?

    My query was about the RAF Reserves; I'm keen on joining up to enjoy a bit of green life again, after leaving the REME last Sept after 6 years' service. I'm now at University and as such don't want to join anything which can deploy me for at least a couple of years.

    I know the TA offer a 3-year period of no deployments, but having read several threads and wanting to try something a bit different, I've decided on joining the Aux AF as a gunner. I worked with RAF regs in the Falklands and they were cracking lads, and it would be interesting to train under a different regime (I know the TA and regs could be considered different but I'm not totally convinced!) Is it possible to join them on a 'no deployment for a certain time' agreement?

    The obvious answer is "contact the squadron", but since my query is two-fold and there's an abundance of knowledge here, I thought I'd try ARRSE.

  9. The RAuxAF work differently than the regs in the fact that a) you are at University, so would not have to deploy and b) they always ask for volunteers to augment the sqn deploying to theatre. If there are not enough volunteers they then start the process of choosing the candidates that will deploy, this is done in several ways: Singlies, training undertaken, seniority, previous tours.

    Deployments will be 1 every 3 years or more depending on requirement, especially now that, certainly the RAF Regiment, are nearly upto full strength, there is less requirement for auggies to deploy.

    another point to note is that your training to become a gunner will take in excess of 12-18 months depending on joining date, course availability for phase 1 (you will have to do 2 weeks at RAF Halton, regardless) and you will have to complete several weekends prior to this with your sqn also.

    I hope it works out for you, if you need anything else, feel free to PM me.