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G'day gents. I have a quick q. re the AAC / RAF Regiment. Collegue of mine "just off the boat" from Sith Ifrica. 25 yrs old, bright, cheerful and fit. As a Commonwealth citizen, he would appear to be correct in the assumption that all doors are open to him in the Harmy / RAF. He's potty about planes (aren't we all) and his first choice is the RAF Regt followed by the AAC in the ORs. Are there many foreign johnnies in the Regt or the AAC? Also, my only knowledge of the RAF role is that they guard you chaps on the ground. Is this correct? Well, that and a no doubt well-deserved reputation for fitness. As a Boer this lad's probably been brought up on 2 kudu a day so he'll be fit enough.

For my part, I'm a civvie pilot and have had a few years in the Harmy and I'm sure he'd be an asset whether in green or blue.

Thanks chaps,

It's worth pointing out that RAF Redge and the AAC Airtrooper have very different roles, I think. Redge is basically infantry, while Airtroopers are a bit higher up the foodchain - they do things like refuelling and rearming aircraft, intelligence and signals - they have to be able to do local security too, of course, but it's not their primary role.
Vasco's right, however the lot of an Air Trooper is now a heck of a lot more involved than it has been in the past. Now, in the AH era, calling it just refuelling and refuelling, intlligence and signals is selling them a bit short. I dont want to get into an "our guys are better than their guys" rant as the jobs are quite a bit different as mentioned before. We are still "soldiers first" for the immediate future so if your buddy wants a more varied career with lots more opportunities to get on then it should be AAC. We do have a small (but increasing) number of troops from the once mighty commonwealth in already so he would not be alone. Kudus have been off the menu since the mad antelope disease scare of '03 though so he'd have to get used to Brit food (yum!)
Of course, the biggest plus with the AAC is that if he likes what he sees he can always apply for pilot training in due course. Not so easy in the RAF as he would have to become an Orificer first.



If your man is still out there and interested, tell him to stay away.......

from the Rockapes.

Unless he really wants to spend his time standing about on RAF station gates, digging holes in dull places, or teaching uninterested people how to survive chemical attacks.
I concur. The AAC would be my choice if I could do it all over again. The RAF Regt. would not - and I've worn both suits. I know more disenchanted ex-Rocks than enchanted ones. The RAF Regiment is now either light infanty or air defence (Rapier), as I understand the CVR(T) recce element is now defunct.
i ve heard that the RAF regiment has been hit pretty hard in this last Defence spending review, are they known to have a future...



They've got about as much future as they have history!

Spent most of WW2 sitting around on their arses until Chuchill re-badged them into the Army and sent them off to war.

Done cock-all since IMHO
Apart from II sqn parachuting in to Sierra Leone in the largest operational airdrop since Suez. That said, they're all very capable soldiers - and more than a match for any regular infantry regiment. Following the demise of RAFG, I'm surprised they still exist. I think there are moves to re-role them completely, as most of the RAF's (UK) airfield security & defence is undertaken by either the RAF Police, or 'normal' RAF personnel, and was so even in the dark(ish) days of the Soviet era.
Apart from II sqn parachuting in to Sierra Leone in the largest operational airdrop since Suez.
Sierra Leone may well have been operational at the time and II Sqn may well have done a formation jump but I truly dont think you can join the two together and certainly not compare it with Suez.

and more than a match for any regular infantry regiment.
I suggest you place that remark in the 'Inf' section of this website.
If the Rocks fold, so will Silvermans and Millets. How does that old cliche go?....All the gear..... :wink:
BuckFelize said:
and more than a match for any regular infantry regiment.
ha! couldnt agree more flash. what a bunch of f*cking wannabes. and when they come out with that "big 3" boll*cks (RM, Paras and.... :) ) you just have to giggle. snogging other men and being slightly harder than the rest of the RAF is hardly impressive! (though the old fire sections used to give them a run for their money and be far more "our type of people")

by the way, any booties who were there wanna give us the first hand account of kicking 7 bells out of the rocks in the province last year? just for our amusement! certainly put the silly little boys in their place for a while...

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