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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by David2008, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering what the dealio is with getting posted into your regiment?

    I finish all my training next summer as g/crew so is still a while yet, but id like to know do i get a preference or choice in where i get posted? id like live around my family as my dad just recently come down with cancer.

  2. Our Regiment?

    We are a Corps made up of Regiments.

    As for choice? Yes, you get a choice of where you are told to go.

    At your level, I very much doubt you will have too much flex in choice of posting.

    Does your dad live in either Basra or Afghanistan because it would be really handy for you. :wink:
  3. Right very helpful... thanks.

  4. I hint a bit of sarcasm in your reply?

    What would you like me to say? "Yes, as a crow, you can pick and choose where your first posting is" or would you rather me be honest and say you pretty much go where you are told...its the Army etc, etc?

    Are you actually in the army at the moment or are you transferring into the AAC from another Corps or Regiment?
  5. David 2008,
    ask for 5 Regt. at least you'll be close to the mainland if anything should go wrong
  6. @ lordflasheart

    I'm not transferring, and im not in but start on feb 16th, i am re-enlisted for the same job, I do understand i shouldnt join the army if i dont want to travel about the place which i really will enjoy anyway, but was just curious wether you get to have a preference over your posting in the UK.

    @ GIGeoff

    I'll have a look into 5 reg, i dont mind any regiment to be honest, just i hope that if i were to be posted in say germany, that it wouldnt be for longer than 2 years, but i dont know how it works, are postings temporary or permanent?
  7. David, you can put in a preference of posting performa to any where that the AAC serves. Whether you get your 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice depends on manning requirments. I'd suggest if your old man is critically ill you stay around the UK mainland ( 3, 4, 9 regt) however, as was eluded to before you are likely to be doing stints in the desert (both afghan and Iraq). This isnt the end of the world though as if, heaven forbid your oldman does become worse, you will be flown back to UK (free of charge) to be with him. 5 regt is also an option as you are stable within NI. You, as you are aware, have to be prepared, that when you are a soldier (which alot of the AAC preach to be) to fight away from home when times are hard (at home). Mate I wish you well and hope your old man is well. Any questions PM me. Silly and unhelpfull remarks will not help recruit people into the AAC so unlike previous theads I hope I was able help. Like I said any Q's PM me mate.
  8. When I finished 'Wallop', I put my preference in. I aksed for Hong Kong, Cyprus, Belize and at a push Topcliffe so I could get home at weekend.

    My dreams came true....................

    I ended up in Hildeshiem!

    You go where you are told or if your lucky, you get something you want.
  9. Hey mate, thanks for all this info, really appreciate it, plus its something to raise the moral abit as my nerves are going the closer my phase 1 is coming :lol:

    So yes (apart from the family troubles), i really want to be out in afghan asap, get some experience under my belt and see the world (at its worst 8O ) but I have another question for you guys regarding the actual job as a groundie. Firstly, on a regular working routine what type of stuff would I be doing as a private/airtrooper? And in afghan/iraq etc. would i ever have the opportunity to go out on the frontline with some of the infantry blokes to get some experience in that way too? I do know my job description but surely we havnt got helicopters to refuel/arm, and training exercises to do every day of the week... especially at our home posting?

    Thanks guys.
  10. Afghan will come soon enough, as an aside because the AAC is the only Corps to exceed its recruiting requirement and now be overstrength with airtroopers there is a trawl out to find volunteers to form sections/platoons to support infantry units on ops.
  11. The job of a groundie in a unit isn't a very spectacular or intresting one (sorry to say) You will be part of a groundcrew team or airfield support troop I think they call it now. Your main job will be the movement and refuelling of aircraft. If on ex or ops you may get the opportunity (depending on how your sqn set up) to operate in a FARP which is slightly more intresting as you are out away from the main unit itself under the command of your FARP SGT or CPL.
    On ops nothing really changes apart from in Iraq you have may have a mortar or to lobbed at you rom over the fence and in afghan it's alot busier. However on ops, unless in a FARP you will not cover the refuelling as it is run by the RAF TSW.
    These aren't your only options though, if you excel at signals in your phase 2 training the likelyhood is you will be put into a signals section whos job is again different. There is also the opportunity when you become a senior trooper or LCPL to do your rear crewmans course and become a door gunner/ winch op etc (depending on airframe) but as I said this is after a few years in your unit.

    As for being attached to the infantry it is very possible. I personally spent 7 months with the PWRR (and loved it!). The INF are always asking for people to supplement them. The most recent being 5 Scots in Iraq and 2 PARA in afghan so if thats what you want to do, volunteer and go for it. (as for anything in the army- volunteer!)
  12. Happy Memories, when I finished Army Apprentice School in 1961 , my first posting was to 21flight AAC at middlewallop what a wild place 8) cinema, naafi, lots of beautifl ladies(WRAC 8O ) and a cooks bar and club above the kitchen that would put any night club to shame.Camp was run by the RA then , knuckle draggers one and all, what a dream for a first posting, best military food in UK , and apart from going on exercise 3 times a year life was easy, bags of buckshee hours on skeeter and even the beaver, 1 of the civvy instructors had a Fieseler Storch it was like flying a pram but still all good fun, I thought wallop would be long gone by now, anyone from my time still around will probably remember my courtmartial , I painted Welcome to Teeny weeny Airways on the roof of admin Block it was up there for 8 weeks before someone put the Bubble in, Oh the joys of a misspent youth lol
  13. Sorry for my ignorance but what are the airtroopers are they like groundcrew or somthign else ?, its just ive never heard them mentioned before.

    and how would they support the infantry, would they go out on patrol/raids with them and basically become part of the team for a week or however long it lasts ?
  14. Kez,

    Although the AAC does very little INF training, in training you are taught basic skills etc that will aid the INF. Dont get me wrong you wont go to 2 PARA for instance and be a section commander or anything like that. You will go, say at junior level and fit into wherever it is you are put. When I did my PWRR time I was incorporated into them on their medman exersizes (Canada) You train hard and take in as much as you can. I was put under the wing of a section 2 I/C (lcpl) and that was it, did as I was told, as you'd expect from a air trooper (private). Another instance is a friend if mine who has just been in afghan with 2 PARA and was the radio op for the FAC (or whatever they are called now) His job was basically to carry the radio and aid in calling in ECAS for his PARA Sgt. Thats just a few instances I can think of. Once you are in the unit, you kind of forget you are AAC and are (unless your a total tit!) incorporated into that unit.
  15. ah ok thanks for the info