AAC Pilot selection age limit?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by big_un, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone confirm the current age limit for AAC pilot selection.
  2. A chap in my unit recently applied for consideration for possible selection as a pilot for AAC. I saw his reply back from glasgow (I am his CHRS) and it clarified that the upper age limit is 31.5 years of age because of training and other issues. not sure if age discrimination is involved though. :?
  3. No. It's called return of service. If a chap starts the process at 31.5 years old and takes at best a year to go through the selection process, he will start his flying course aged 32.5 and be spat out the other end 14 months later. Then, if he goes Apache, thats at least another year or so before he is a useful and qualified pilot. That would make him nearly 35 years old which could mean only 5 years return if he goes to his IPP (40 years/22 year point).

    In all honesty, the age limit is a moveable bar depending on several factors.
  4. Nothing like moving the goal posts for QHI selection or AH training either eh Flash??

  5. Yep, absolutely! The AAC goal posts are mobile of course.
  6. Unlike most of their senior officers :twisted:
  7. AAC.....Goal Posts....MMMmm these are the only AAC goal posts I've came across :roll:

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  8. Funny dit from a few years ago. One senior, crusty AAC Lynx aircraft commander was flying DAAvn (or as was DAAC) around various German barracks many years ago. On approach to the usual Brks sports pitch/HLS, the crew were calling out the various obstructions inside the HLS. Pilot mentioned 'yep, goal posts on the undershoot'. Crusty aircraft commander, quick as a flash said 'careful, if they're AAC ones, they'll fuck off across the area'. DAAvn sniggered to himself whilst his entourage chuntered and tutted. :)
  9. I have a letter from 2007 telling me I was too old as I would soon be thirty, my flying experience was a credit too me but basically f*uck off you old **** :)
  10. Did DAAvn or his entourage say anything to you after the task Flash?? :? :D
  11. Yes, they said 'You'll go far young man, this time next year, you'll be a Sgt'. Wouldn't have been so bad but I was a SSgt at the time.

    Seriously, it wasn't me, it was a chap who was served his entire flying career in Germany (and come to think of it, his whole army career in Germany. I'm sure you know him, 20NOV?).
  12. No surely they said 'you'll go far young man, you can emulate yourself on 20NOV!' Now that old man of the corps (ShotOne) has got his staffie, i'm trying desperately to find an aircrew Sgt who is younger in years and seniority than me!
  13. Did selection and grading about 6 years ago and whilst on grading at Newton the chief instructur and his entourage came up from MW and we were told then that the age by which you had to START your pilot's course by was changing from 32 to 30. Don't know if this is still the case though.
  14. That's about right on current figures, depends whether yr a rodney or not and whether they'll move the goal posts tho... :twisted:
  15. I'm 28 and have been refused :evil: .... ah well plenty of other things i'm interested in