AAC Pilot Recruitment

Looking for some honest advice info from the community.

I am serving TA, and just passed main board. I have been booked onto Regular CC in May 2013. AAC is my choice corps.

I have booked Air Aptitude and preparing for it now.

The only concern I have is my age. I am now 27, will finish Sandbags when im 28. The website states 26 as the upper age limit for pilot (which I think is a blanket age as this is the new officer limit) or 29 for serving soldiers (of lance jack+).

Is my age going to stop me from becoming an AAC pilot? I have previous flight experience and ghosted solo's. Now belong to a military flying club. But all this counts for zero. They want the best officers, who may have the ability to fly...in that order.
Pretty sure that you are stuffed mate. I left the AAC in 2010, and the ceiling was 26 for orifices, bearing in mind that age was at the start of the pilots course. There is no harm in you asking the AAC RLO at Middle Wallop of course. Speak to your ACA to get hold of that person's number. Dont ask the ACA for the definitive answer, chances are they wont have a clue about one end of a helicopter from the other, let alone the policies surrounding recruitment of the pilots! You'd best be ready for some pretty bad news though, the AAC is unlikely to bend their rules for one individual, whether a member of a flying club or not. As for your comment re best officers??? That is highly debateable fella.
The ACA and their up to date understanding of any equipment is irrelevant, their speciality is age limits for prospective Officers and career streams, as correctly mentioned above by NOV you "must be in Sandhurst" by 26 for all careers less for, Intelligence, AGC, ETS etc where the age "to be in training" is 29. Working on your age even the soldier route would be out to process to pilot.

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