AAC pilot at 27?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by freckles, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi I have been looking for info on joining the AAC as pilot. Am I right in thinking that you go to Sandhurst with no guarantee of becoming a pilot? When do you find out?

    If you're not successful can you leave after Sandhurst, based on the fact you only joined to be a Pilot - otherwise you may have theoretically joined the RAF or the RN?

    Is a joining age of 27 likely to be a problem? I have all the relevant qualifications and an interest in the military - through cadets etc.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. To be accepted into the Corps, you will need to be an officer first and a pilot second, so your first priority is to gain a place on the Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). Before entering RMAS, potential candidates will be sent to RAF Cranwell to sit aircrew aptitude tests and have an aircrew medical.

    Thats the official blurb from the Army website.
    The Corps need to make sure you will firstly be a suitable officer and secondly will pass a pilots course; in that order. The first is actually more important than the second as you dont actually need to be a very good pilot. You'll only fly for about 18 months- 2 years after the pilots course anyway.

    I think the order is;
    1. Get accepted at RMAS
    2. Get the AAC to sponsor you
    3. Pass OASC at Cranwell/Flying grading at Wallop
    4. Graduate from RMAS - 1 year
    5. Pass pilots course - 18 months
    6. Pass conversion to type (Lynx/Apache) 5 months - 1 year
    7. Get posted to your first squadron -18 months-2 years
    8. Get jiffed for SO3 Paperclip procurement/Drains and Toilets job - 3 years
    9. Transfer to the RAF
  3. a mucker of mine did the direct entry AAC route, failed flying training at the 11th hour, rebadged to another Corps, has never really recovered, emotionally or career-wise!

    a difficult route to tread...respect to the guys that manage it, you can of course join any arm or service and have a crack at the pilots' cse and transfer to AAC or remain with your own capbadge
  4. There may be another alternative in the near future.

    Previously, if you graduated RMAS as AAC and you failed the Army Flying Course, you would be asked to feck off to another cap badge or fall on your sword. In the very near future, we will be recruiting DE ground officers. Dunno whether they will allow a pilot failure to 'rebranch' on the ground though.
  5. The first DE female has arrived at the Shame.

  6. Any good or does she fuck like an A10 on a fire mission?
  7. And what an utterly, utterly nowhere job that will be. I cannot imagine who it would attract.

    Unless you are saying that APC DE failures will be denied the rebadge or resign option and be consigned to 3 years of FARP Bitch? That's really upping the stakes!

    Edited to add- Blimey! Someone has done it!
  8. Not seen yet, been on leave for years! Think the DE's will do the lame jobs of old LE's
  9. basically a sexed up loggy then....if such a thing can possibly exist!
  10. My thoughts too. I think we had a thread about it a while back.

    I think the conclusion was that a DE ground officer would pretty much be career capped at Maj and would never command a flying squadron and prob never get the chance to go staff. I think the thoughts for having them was to relieve the already overburdened SO3 bollox jobs and the other niff naff and triv that goes around inside and outside the Corps. But what of the jobs required by all officers for career progression? Ticks in boxes etc.

    Is it a way forward to allowing aircrew officers to actually be professional aviators or is it just sticking fingers in the dam? Surely an LE is better suited to fulfil the FARP comd role even if hes not from a Corps background. 20 odd years as a man manager may help. To be honest, I dont know what the 'job spec' or 'mission statement' of these DE groundies are.

    I dont know if we will allow failed pilots to stay in the Corps and become goundies. Certainly wouldnt make for good joo joo. The top 10% are selected to be AAC pilots but just because a chap doesnt have the required to be a pilot (to some, thats not been a problem :roll: ), then basically stays in the Corps doing a job that to be honest, wouldn't be beyond someone from the bottom 10%. Quite a large gap. There are some AAC officers who, despite not being great aviators, are excellent officers - in the Inf/Tankie realms, and it would be a waste stuffing them in a poxy job around a regiment. I cant see a failed pilot wanting to stay around an environment where he will be lucky to get to Maj and have no chance of a proper command.
  11. Exactly. What career spine exists for a teeth arm officer who doesn't do the teethy bit? I suppose you enter the melting pot to be OC HQ Sqn (against some quite stiff LE opposition). Then what?

    I hope this role is called Morale Officer. Brewmaking, Running the Claccy Bedford, looking knowledgeably over the shoulders of the MPS Operators, doing all the duties that pilots will be unable to do because they are in the Sim.

    This job can't even do OC Night, FFS.

  12. So what will the LE groundies now do or are we chopping the numbers we LE commission?

    Great. Bin all that experiance in favour of some spotty faced oik who wasn't good enough to get into the RLC!
  13. Officer doing OC night?

    Thats the funniest thing I've heard all year!
  14. Yes - presumably we are now recruiting from the 'fifth quartile.'

  15. Having seen some go through recently, I'd suggest even outside that bracket. 8O