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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by steer-away, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Can anybody tell me the correct colour for an AAC pace stick. Also if they know any suggestions where to get one from.

    The place I'm currently looking at is Dancraft but if they are any other recomendations I'd like to hear them. It is not for me but for a ssgt in the corps and I'd like it to be correct.
  2. although I am not AAC, I got my Pace Stick here.

    I know its sleeeze bay, but he offers a very good service and the Pace Stick is very good quality and a high gloss finish. A lot cheaper the Dancraft! And most other stockists.

  3. oldbaldy

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    Did you get one made to measure Stilts? :D
  4. Don't you get them issued?
  5. Yes..................Pick up the Log!
  6. see no one has answered about the colour, i believe it is rosewood? Although i have used 3 different types having had to borrow them, no one noticed, even the black PWRR one lol.
  7. RP Cpl at Wallop got a lathe guru in Andover to square him one away a couple of weeks ago. Give the Gd Rm a call Monday morning and he should be able to give you a pointer.
    Failing that PM me and I'll get some info sent to you.
  8. I bet it's hard to match with a squared off one.
  9. Knobba! :)
  10. :D