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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Crafty990, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. I'm seriously contemplating submitting my application to become a pilot. I was gonna get out at my 12 year point but I reckon i'll have a stab at this. I need to sweeten the deal to my missus to get her round to the idea of me staying in for another few years. What i'm after from any of you guys is some info on things such as tour frequency and lengths, preference in postings and airframes, promotion. Just ageneral idea of life as an army pilot. I'll hopefully be submitting the paperwork sometime near the end of this month then cracking on with the test.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Go AH and you will be constantly on tour...YIPPPEEEEEEEeeeeee!
  3. If you have been in 12 years you must be quite close to your 30th birthday! You need to have started the course by your 30th birthday so get a move on with the paperwork.
  4. I've been in 9 and i'm 27. Would it be my choice to go AH or SH? I'm not sure how postings work for pilots. Again, any info on tours and the like would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Getting onto and then through the course should be your main aim, when you do you will be posted to whichever seats need filling. Having said that we don't have SH, just AH and LH. Good luck
  6. I'm totally committed to seeing the process through and enjoying what would be a dream career for the rest of my time in the army. However, before I commit to another potential 8 years in the army, I want to understand the life of an army pilot and how often (lets say as a LH pilot) i'll find myself in Afghanistan and for how long. Am I going to find myself as a new snco pilot sent off to Belize for 2 years when actually that would be the worst thing for me right now? Or am I going to have a say in postings and airframes. Am I going to find myself away for most of the year on exercise in different countries or will I have a stable existence?

    Am I being unreasonable in asking these questions before I commit to the application process?
  7. Sounds reasonable to me. If you know what you're letting yourself in for, you'll have absolutely no reason whatsoever to moan.

    Though you probably still will. :)
  8. Good questions but as I said earlier until you pass the course its no use worrying. Yes you could be busy but it will also take you 2-3 yrs from start to finish and who knows where or what the AAC will be flying by then?

    Whatever your concerns, if you are really keen to go Pilot don't waste any more time, get your application started (you can always withdraw it)!
  9. yeah i'm gonna just get my app in and crack on.
  10. You will spend a LOT of time away - just like the rest of the Army.

    BUT you will be having the time of your life :twisted: Go for it.
  11. Tour length varies 4 - 6 months, you need to consider the PDT beforehand Kenya/Arizona etc, however there is a Ops cycle for Lynx and AH that allows for 'some' normality.

    Belize and Brunei, you wont go there as an abinitio pilot, its second tour for front and rear crew.

    You will have a 'little' say in aircraft type and postings, (so will your QHI's) however, get used to going to tescos in ipswich for your weekly shop.... :D
  12. bloody hell G11 check you out with the big words ab initio!!! am impressed!!! LOL
  13. to give you a straight answer mate, at present OP tours come around every 16 months however aircrew will just pinged to go on other Sqn's tours if they are short manned. The tours are 4 1/2 months long.