AAC only at 83% pilot strength

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by stab23, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. According to this article


    Why the shortages? There is no shortage of volonteers for AAC. So are just not enough making it through training? Or is retention the problem? Or are the current figures just a temporary blip caused by the long lead times in the training programmes?
  2. Nope, cos the missing 17% are on here.
  3. You'll find that in the current climate that the RN and RAF Pilots that have stayed in the Service have only done so until Civil Aviation perks up. Watch the floodgates open later on.

    What it doesn't mention is the amount of AAC Pilots that have transferred over to the RAF, so in one move the AAC loses one whilst the RAF gains one. It takes a long time to replace a frontline Pilot.
  4. I would suggest that the source of your your retention problems could be summed up in one word: Glasgow!
  5. Approximately the same amount of time it takes to shave a chimp!

  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Don't forget that the genius known as Thommo - he of banned ketchup from the mess in Dishforth fame - stated that the Army pilots didn't need a retention bonus that was given to the RAF and RN.

    Result - no bonus for us and retention up the tubes - as predicted by ******* everyone.
  8. Thommo is obviously a cnut then
  9. I thought people like that went out with the Raj?

  10. What we need is more royals. They seem to get accepted for pilot training straight away.

  11. Nope, what we actually need is more NCOs applying for pilot training. Huge amounts of people outside the Corps do not know that they, as NCOs can apply. We had a massive drive a few years ago to recruit a large amount of AAC DE Officers to fill Apache but most of those have taken the option to either bang out or go elsewhere due to having a rather abbreviated flying career or generally being disillusioned with life. The net result is the shortfall of pilots is within the SNCO fraternity.

    The Corps is trying to address the balance of our over-manned LE plot by reducing the numbers who get LE commission. Along with that, we are recruiting DE ground officers straight from RMAS. To 'pay' for that, we are reducing the number of DE aircrew officer slots at RMAS.

    As usual, the Corps failed to realise that the core element of SMEs is within the SNCOs (long flying career of 15+ years). The management of SNCO aircrew has been fucking appalling over the past few years hence why we are undermanned. Contributing factors being a disgraceful amount of apathy when it came to fighting for flying pay due to JPA introduction, refusal to give out continuance or extensions, an arrogant expectation that SNCOs will do it for the 'love of the job'* and a manning policy that would make the Nazis treatment of the jews look fucking awesome.

    This is now biting the Corps in the arse and there is no quick fix. Apache crews are burning themselves out with continuous deployments. On their down time, they have to do PDT for other units about to deploy and this has meant that the blokes are drained. Quite a few are voting with their feet and banging out. The Corps seems to think that in times of recession, people are reluctant to leave. Not true. Aviation jobs are still aplenty in civ-div. QHI numbers are at an all time low with various incentives to attract people to the job not really working.

    Don't get me wrong, we still have plenty of people going through the pilots course but the issue is retaining experience. That is where the 17% is missing. We have OCs and even COs who have less than 500 hours (there are even QHIs in that bracket too).

    NCOs. Bang your papers in. We need you and you dont know if you can do it unless you try. ;)

    *A senior AAC officer was heard to say 'SNCOs should feel privileged that we allow them to fly Army aircraft. Some dont even have GCSE's!' 8O
  12. One of the reasons I left when I could have stayed for another 15 years.
    That cunt Thomo was another, but it makes me feel so much better that I actually get paid more than he does now.

    One day when some of these idiots are looking for jobs outside and they come near my company I will politely inform them that we only employ ex Junior and Senior NCOs.
  13. im just a civvi peice of crap but couldnt they try recruiting pilots from all ranks ?
  14. kez, they do (well from LCpl up). This is one place where the AAC has it right over the RAF and RN, the fact is that it's not advertised very well.
  15. As a slight aside, the FAA has had awful manning problems over the last few years, particularly in the CHF. To give them credit they fight some for their people and have made real strides in addressing the problem.

    They haven't had the huge numbers of transferees from the AAC that the RAF have had either, which in my view makes it even more impressive.

    The utter unwillingness of AAC upper echelons to nurture their most valuable assets saw large numbers of DE pilots vote with their feet. It's almost amusing watching command try to stem this flood with the stick rather than the carrot so that during their next 2 year tenure in post it looks like they've solved the problem!

    Out of my pilots course of 6, two have now left the AAC and one is short finals, this after only 4 years. It would have taken a perception of DAAVN giving a damn pay and conditions wise to have kept two of us!

    Of course ironically/ cynically you could increase the numbers of SNCO pilots as they wouldn't be able to transfer as easily as Officer aircrew to other services!

    It's a damn shame that the AAC is led by those from the 'old school', the kind who wonder why their asinine orders appear on the internet and try to ban people from using the internet!