AAC on BBC1 Tonight

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Guys,

    Just to to let you all know that the excellent 50th Birthday bash just gone, will be shown on BBC1's Inside out tonight at 1930hrs. :pc:
  2. Cheers for that, I have just set it up to be recorded!
  3. Not quite what I was briefed but T'was good though, well done lads & lasses :clap:
  4. Any sign of David Brent there?
  5. I think it was filmed quite a bit before the 50th this weekend.

    Still, a very good piece showing the Corps does a bit more than some think.

    Well done etc! :D

    Crates in. You know who you are. :wink:
  6. Who was the stupid TWWWWAAAAATTTTT walking around with the 6' table?!! :wink:
  7. That is a question you need to ask one of the sites moderators. :roll:

    May I point you in the direction of a certain NAAFI mod.....

    I fear posting his picture may be a bit incriminating. :D
  8. Soprano, ssshhh theres a good tankie. :D

    Nice to see the CRSMs encouraging speech at Buckingham Palace, if only her Majesty knew what a screech monster he was and that he's a bed wetter.

    KB looked a bit embarrased walking round the pan in his invisible helicopter..... almost ballet :D
  9. The short northern bloke in the Kwik-Fit suit is an Umpalumpah gayer you know (not KB btw, the other short northern bloke)?
  10. I looked devilishley handsome for 1.5 seconds
  11. I just thought KB wanted the worl to see him looking cool in a lynx not mincing round the pan in a pair of Ikea dungarees :D
  12. I did'nt see any piles of horse sh!t ? :bow: