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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by OriginalNick2, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been reading here a while but not posted much.

    I won't get into the specifics of my background etc (unless you really want to know) but a lot of the posts read as if AAC Officers get to fly for a couple of years then become desk bound. Especially with the posts explaining that the RN Pilots and even the RAF get to fly more hours.

    I'd like to know what the Officers spend the rest of their time doing? Actually, no, i'd like to know what the Officers are supposed to be doing whilst not flying?

    I assume officers in other regt's would organise training for their troops, and AT etc... But do AAC Officers have say a platoon of soldiers and NCO's under their care?

    Thanks in Anticipation

  2. Cheers boys
  3. Not very positive then!

    And i would hope i've learnt to take on board what people are telling me and not have a limited view of what i'd like to think happened.

    Basically, because i was already a O/CDT via Welbeck and RMCS i have been offered a place at RMAS pending a couple of decisions and maybe an interview. Which is an important but not the only reason i want to go back to the Army as opposed to the RAF.

    Although i suppose the RAF or RN would be just as interested in an application.... Will see how the AAC Apititude tests pan out and make a decision ASAP before im too far down the line and on my way to RMAS!

    Saying that, i'd need to look into how Pilot Officers are different to the daily buisness of an Army Officer as deep down thats where i'd like to see myself. Then again, i don't think the Forces are going to be a 35 year career so its important i have something i can use in Civvy st...

    Much to think about!

    Thanks for the links though
  4. Check your PM's, Nick.

    One of the old adages which still seems to hold true is, "Officer first, Pilot second". As has been discussed before, this may be outdated, but is still very much the way the AAC operates at the minute.
  5. Naturally, i wouldn't really expect anything less from a Regt!

    However if not having enough flying hours is making people so unhappy about their career that they are signing off altogether then im surprised something is not in the pipeline.

    Also can someone explain - with the AH kicking ass in the current Operational Theatres, how come there isn't millions of people queing up to fly Apache?

    Off to find link to PM's - Cheers Goon

  6. The pipeline is very, very long. Akin to the Siberian oil pipeline!

    People are sort of queuing up for AH but the realisation of over stretch and the thought of spending the next 24 months almost solidly deployed puts quite a few off.
  7. maybe the possum pint puts some off!!
    :D :D
  8. It didn't do me any favours on my PO visit, that's for sure...
  9. ditto

    good laugh though

    that was a good night
  10. Agreed, good laugh, until the next day when I realised how badly I smelled of alcohol and slight vomit.

    Good times...
  11. Sold, ruling out RN and RAF.

    Why did AH do you no favours?
  12. ha
    yes getting woken up by a lady with a cup of tea is a nice touch but the realisation of pending interview and quick assessment of 1) suit lying on floor in crumpled mess! 2) shoes that have strange markings on them? 3) where is my tie???? 4)...why do my feet hurt??

    not a good half an hour, however it all ended up well so I cant have been that bad (or at least managed to blag that I wasn't!)

  13. I don't think you'll find too much different in the RAF and FAA! :D