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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by beanhead, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Got a mate in the AAC waoting to find out!
  2. got to be in it to win it, anyone bought a ticket yet
  3. Yet Im a winner thats for sure, Ive a BIIIGGGGG tongue and I say sir all the time, make the officers tea, run to the NAAFI for them and just lick arrse all day.
  4. I suppose i really should know this, proword nowahhhh...what is the Number 2 board ?
  5. Cheers beanhead. I thought it was an Officers type board. Sorry for being a dullard.
  6. Well I expected to see some coments by now. . . It must of been pubished?
  7. 11 Aircrew and 10 Groundies came off the board. Not the best board I've seen. They say there will be a shadow board in June for the real people and workers to get picked up.
  8. Is that a bitch . . . . Meeoooow
  9. If anyones got a list of those made up can they PM me please?
  10. I PM'd what I know thus far.
  11. I'm just going to bite my tongue........oww :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. Likewise . . . any info would be greatly appreciated!!!


  13. and if someone could pm me the info that would be appreciated......
  14. cant pm you as I didnt copy the list, but for all of you that are no longer in the corps and left over three years ago, you probably wouldnt recognise anyone..as they have only served the prerequisite 3 years that groundies take to get WO2 nowadays. :lol: :wink: :lol:
  15. To all those that it concerns unlucky!
    but hey like my OC said to me you will definately get it next year!
    so shut the **** up and get on with yopur job! great words of wisdom!