Hi guys,

Relatively new to AARSE, recommended by the last person i asked the same questions.

The reason i came here is simply that he is no longer in the forces, hes now a civvi pilot trainer for RAF.

Now I'm desperate to fly in the armed forces, I have glasses, which unfortunately for the RAF is a big no no! My friend told me that from what he knows you can fly with a certain prescription as an NCO pilot in the AAC .... I checked it on the site and my prescription is over the limit. Now I have heard also that I cant get laser surgery then join, HOWEVER, if I join and then get it done it will be acceptable.

Furthermore, I was told that I would be much more likely to be accepted into the pilot training as an NCO rather than an Officer, is that true?

Laser eye surgery is a no-no for pilot training. I don't even think you can join up (in any capacity) if you have had it done. I do know a couple of people who are already in who have had it done since joining, but neither are applying to be pilots.

As to your likelihood of being selected for pilot training as an officer versus as an NCO, it won't make a difference to your chances of passing the aircrew selection procedure. However as you can only apply once you are a full Cpl (or LCpl with two recommends for promotion), it will take you longer to be eligible than going direct as an AAC officer (or as an officer on secondment from another corps). By and large, if you can join as an officer (i.e. have what it takes to be selected for a commission) then you should do so.

It sounds like you need to take advice from the careers office.


The only guys who can fly with glasses are those who have already qualified as a Mil Pilot and then have had their eyesight deteriate. IIRC.
my eyesight was perfect when i did my selection and for several years after but gradually deteriorated until I need spectacles. It was no problem, even got some issue aviators goggles, abit like NHS specials!!

Suspect that wearing specs wouldbe a no no in the AH world due to monacles.

I have heard of a chap who left the army, had his eyes lasered and then re joined with the intention of flying, he did not disclose the surgery at first and when he did he was able to argue that it was not a problemn and this was accepted by the AAC medico's but he was refused AAC commmission because he essentially lied about his medical status.

He is still at sandhurst now wondering what the hell he is going to do now!

I think you might be up against it with already poor eyesight but good luck anyway.I loved my time flying in the army and can quite understand your desire to want to do it

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