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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ironrations, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. How do.

    First of all, I try not to schimf and avoid other corps forums, however....

    I visited the AAC museum the other day, fantastic place, very interesting, scary-looking dummies but nevertheless a lot of good stuff.

    The day however was soured by the fact that as a serving soldier I had to pay to get in, and the snotty attitude of the person serving. The head she had on towards my partner wound me up something chronic.

    Do other reggie museums try to screw soldiers? I know the (albeit rather pap) R Sigs musuem dont really try to charge anyone? Just p1ssed me off thats all, how do you lot feel about the way your museum treats its guests?
  2. I've got to add to this one.


    Feel slightly better now.

    That place has a 100% mark up on the bits and pieces you sometimes have to get. Around £16 dress pips when they get them from Intramark at £6! Fcking outrageous!

    Sad to hear that mean old bitch is still working the desk. I'd hoped she'd died painfully by now. Every single member of my family commented on how rude she was when I had my wings.

    Plus DAAvn trots out how much we need to support it and can the regiments have some fundraisers for it despite the total fcking lack of aircraft etc etc etc.

    Sod it, there's still enough left in that bottle to achieve unconciousness if I'm quick enough to forget everything. Absolutely everything.
  3. My experience of the place is that AAC and any attached personnel get in for free.......as it should be.
  4. not quite, IIRC - AAC capbadged get in free, other army (whether attached or completely unconnected) pay a discounted entry charge.
  5. And what, may I ask is wrong with that? Besides, REME airtech scum get paid far too much anyway. :wink:
  6. Golf 1 1,

    Good point well presented, better use of colour next time though,

    Not really the forum for it though, do you think.

    They actually work bloody hard, and are not a bad bunch of blokes really.
  7. Re: Iron Rations
    Mate, couldn't agree more, have to say it seems the Army as a whole has a real knack of stitching it's own, so i'm not suprised.
    Remember though, it's you're hard earned so let you're feet do the talking. And as for word of mouth!! :twisted:
  8. Fair one

    Sorry Dad
  9. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest if I was charged an entry fee. Why would you not want to support a museum that archives parts of the Corps past?

    Its hardly a bank breaking amount is it and its not as though you go everyday

    Misers the lot of you :D

    If the bird on the door is really that rude I'm sure a few letters to the Director or museum curator would sort it, instead of whining on a forum, why not open word and pen the letter? alternatively, follow her home and torch her house :D
  10. The Army Air Corps Museum is, in my opinion, an excellent place to visit and soak in the history of the Corps. £6 is not a lot to ask for the privaledge of seeing what the Corps has achieved in its short history. If the "lady" in question has been very rude then speak with Ed Tate (the curator) and vent your spleen with him. The person will not be there very much longer, I can assure you.

    Living in Andover and being ex-Corps I will gladly approach Ed and bring any complaints to his attention. Alternatively, bitch to him yourselves, wont cost you anything ! ! !
  11. Corps Man stop being such a knob, they do work hard as do we all however it does not entitle them to be rude. Perhaps they should employ people with good manners and communication skills instead of who they happen to know. The museum is an important medium in which to sell the corps, therefore the way in which the customer is treated is extremely important. The comment on the over priced goods for sale is a valid point indeed. The museum is terribly over priced. The other problem is that when you go to buy something such as a beret, it is almost like asking for blood. They huff and puff about it when in fact they should welcome the custom as after all it pays their wages. I also think that as a private company they should be far more grateful to the members of the Corps who give money directly and indirectly to the museum every year, how many other private companies would allow their front desk staff to be so routinely rude to those who keep it afloat?
    As far as this not being the medium for the comments made earlier that you commented on, what better medium is there as the boards that sit regarding the museum are full of people who think the museum staff work very hard and very very rarely questions anything ther museum does.
  12. I can't argue with anyone elses comments but I must admit I've been loads of times and never found anyone to be anything other than helpful and polite. Is it perhaps the third week of every month I've been lucky enough to avoid ? I wouldn't mind paying either, but I am loaded. :)
  13. Yes of course you are!!! But love while you have it as I'm sure you are a Lynx pilot on the road to unemployment...and you dont need a crystal ball to see that
  14. WInged Death,

    Not sure it is me being the horses arse, if you had more than a couple of brain cells to rub together, you would have realised that i was defending our REME brothers, not the museum staff.
    I have feelings about the museum, but would rather keep them to myself. If you require any further enlightenment on this subject please dont hesitate to either Pm me, or wait outside my office and i will call you when i am ready.
  15. Oh dear.

    Is the ration store still round the back of the NAAFI?