AAC Lynx pilot features in Warship episode

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dunservin, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Tonight's episode of Channel 5's 'Warship' features an AAC Lynx driver embarked in HMS Ocean during part of last year's Ex TAURUS. Watch again here: Warship Episode 4.

    Looks like good training value for alcon but not much appreciation (in any sense of the word) from one particular Booty for the ship's capability or the efforts of her crew and embarked flights in lifting him and his mates and equipment from one remote beachead and then accommodating, cleaning, feeding, resupplying, re-clothing and entertaining them before delivering them to another remote beachead refreshed and fully booted and spurred three days later. Perhaps he should be left to his own devices next time. :roll:
  2. I watched it too and took the view that what he was actually saying (If your refering to the 'JNCO Booty') was that the training exercise was for the Navy and the FAA assets, not necessarilly just for the RM.

    I also took from his comments, and he has my agreement, that the financial cost of the excercise would be better spent on equipment and training for a current and more pressing real time operational environment, like Afghan. I thought his comments were spot on and grown up. Given that it is his boots on the ground, when the shit hits the fan, he is in my opinion fully entitled to have a winge, especially in the current financial environment.
  3. I think he means the Mne who just kept winging rather than the L/Cpl who had something intelligent to say (even if i don't agree with him)

  4. How so? Do you think the RN should park up the fleet until we leave Afghan? Otherwise, what additional costs do you think were involved?

    Oh, the MoD don't pay for Afghan, by the way. That's a separate budget.
  5. That's the lads view/opinion and I agree with it. Opinions are of course like *********..........

    Did not say anything about expecting the RN to play shuffleboard, nor did I mention anything about 'additional costs'???? Just would tend to agree that the money for the excursion could be better spent elsewhere, given that our more pressing engagements are land based.

    The Afghan budget you refer to, if it is indeed seperate would therefore be boosted. In an ever decreasing financial pot, (and I am aware that exercises like these are planned well in advance), it could of been put to more intelligent use elswhere. Again an opinion........

    In relation to the other 'vocalist', yes I agree he did not show the RM in a very good light.
  6. So if there is no or little additional cost from having the exercise than not having it, how can the money be better spent?
    The MoD budget and the Afghan budget are two different things. If the MoD didn't spend x amount on y, that x would not be spent on Afghanistan, x would just be slashed from next year's defence budget.

    The Armed Forces do have to be ready for the future too. Becoming blinded by Afghan is a rather dangerous path to tread.
  7. It was my belief that there is one defence budget and that the respective defence chiefs fight their corners for either a lions or a smaller share.

    Don't have an argument for not training for future threats, but given that the 'informed' view is that we will be in Afghan for the next 30-40 years, I would like to see us funding this outing as a priority first. Which is in essence what the young lad, as I understood it, was saying.
  8. Spot on.

    We all recognise the need for continuous training and realistic training for RN ships and crews between live operations has been pared to the bone in recent years. One global deployment a year like Taurus enables at least some major units to maintain and develop their core operational capabilities and skills in all types of environment (climatic as well as 'joint'), enabling them to be shared with the rest of the Fleet. Don't underestimate the amount of valuable above water warfare, surface warfare and underwater warfare weapons training, intelligence gathering, operational analysis, tactical development, disaster relief and international military liaison that goes on behind the scenes. UK plc gains a lot through Defence Diplomacy too. The benefits may seem obscure to many but, believe me, they are there in spades.

    Warships and submarines are like aircraft and aircrews but on a much larger scale. If they aren't used regularly in testing circumstance, they and their systems quickly fall into disrepair and personnel at all levels rapidly lose their cohesion and edge, not to mention their interest. The results would soon manifest themselves in the best people voting with their feet.
  9. Good post buddy and fair comment.

    I suppose though, that when your the one who has to 'make the metal meet the meat' your focus can be a little self centric.

    I was not infantry (of any persuasion) myself, but am of a strong belief of the need to make sure they are properly resourced/financed, even if it is at the expense of the Senior Service.
  10. Anyone know of any non-UK links to the videos ?
  11. People every where like having a whinge, I don't think booties are exempt from that. Helps release a bit of stress if you have a good moan about something with your mates. Maybe he just felt a bit guilty pyssing it up on a 'sh*t cruise boat' as he put it, while blokes are on tour. He seemed a bit miserable like and slagged the crew off a bit calling them matelots on camera (or is that the norm)?
  12. Can't disagree with you there but have you looked at my sig block? We haven't had a credit crunch throughout the past 10 - 30 years.

    P.S. Even matelots call themselves 'matelots'.
  13. H3

    H3 LE

    What did he expect as the ship in made for the Royal Marines ..... housing , feeding , supply and transportation to theater ..... dry your eye's !

    But the Female AAC pilot had a slight South African twang I thought !! ... oh and yep I would :0)
  14. You can see the booty's point of view, but I also think that you cant stop training altogether. The RN have a job to do, as do the RM and they do them extremely well in my experience. Those type of overseas exercises not only prove their worth for the lads experience but still show that UK Plc has an Over the Horizon application, however small.

    Good to see the AAC pilot having a go. She looked more than capable, good on her. Bonus that she had less facial hair then her A/C Commander!
  15. Guess a lot on here have never been to sea let alone spent any time on Ocean? The matelots can be a complete pain in the arse, they generally don't like having Royal on board as it upsets their own routines and easy life (no galley or Naafi q's). IMHO the only people who actually want us on board are the senior Officers as it keeps the Navy's existance assured.