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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by LondonPam, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. I wondered if anyone could help. My son has passed selection last week but he has to get his eyes tested. His first choice is the AAC. His recruiting officer thought his eyesight, 6/6 right eye 6/9 left may be a problem. He doesn't wear glasses but maybe this will change when he gets his eyes tested. Does anyone know any details of what is expected for the AAC ?


  2. Pam,

    I've been out of the mob for a few years now, but it certainly used to be the case that one's eyesight needed to be very good at the point of application, but once one was in the job then normal eyesight deterioration (with age) was acceptable and corrected in the usual way with glasses.

    I'm not sure how much of a problem 6/9 vision is, if it's not too serious then your lad might be in with a chance. Sorry to state the bleedin' obvious!

    Good luck.
  3. 6/9 is fine, so long as it can be corrected to 6/6. I have 6/7.5 in one and 6/9 in the other and I get on fine (some might argue otherwise).

    he'll end up with a very smart pair of gigs (chicks love'em) and if he goes AH he'll even get free contacts.

    Hope that helps
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    Well after all the worry he had his eye test today and was 6/5 in both eyes! He could read the smallest print on the charts and the optician said there was nothing wrong with his eyes. God knows what happened at selection last week. He went straight down to the recruitment office with the results. It looks like they are going to try really hard to get him in later this month otherwise he has to wait till early next year. He's been told to get his stuff ready and wait for the phone call. He's over the moon, I'm trying to get used to the idea that my son is going lol
  5. Good luck to the lad, but be warned- if he's going to do a stint as a Bowser Mong there's at least a 50-50 chance he'll w@nk himself blind before he gets a chance to do his flying grading. :)
  6. Well my son got his phone call this morning. He's been told he has to wait till next March!!! He's really upset, can't believe it's going to be another 6 months before he can join up. I've just got to persuade him not to go to the RAF instead lol
  7. No offence Pam but don't try persuading him too hard, it might not be such a bad choice.
  8. Floppyjock is right.

    Of course loyalty towards my former cap badge reamins but if my child were persuing a career within the Army Air Corps then I would want him to see it from all angles.... The helicopter pictures and fancy brochures do a very good job of selling a lifestyle within the Corps, but in reality its very different.

    I was tunnel visioned from the age of 11.... i told my Dad I was going to fly helicopters in the Army and nothing would change my mind. He supported me, and steered me back on track when I made the usual schoolboy cockups. I took everything training depot threw at me, I was told four years on the ground then I could go aircrew.... I delayed selection due to having too good a time on the ground and being allowed to take part in sports I'd never dreamt of....

    An injury put an end to any chance of being anything more than a door gunner.

    Looking back, I can't criticise my fathers support but I wish I cold have been made to look at other, possibly better options.

    Of course mine is only one view, and I have now been a civilian for longer than I served, but nine years gives you a reasonable incite as to what life was like.

    If I was to do it all again, I would still do Junior Leaders, but maybe do my time with another cap badge and opt to go on an Army Pilots Course when I felt I was ready.

    Some of the hardcore career men may have a pop at me for appearing negative, not the case at all, just being honest and open about a part of my life that I recall with fond memories...... but I think it was for the people around me, not the job I was doing
  9. Pam,

    listen to the Donut Miester! he is a wealth of knowledge on all things.

    1. He was too creative and imaginative to remain in the Corps

    2. He was immensly handsome, even by the standards of a movie star

    3. It's is well documented within the Army Air Corps of his nervousness at great heights!

    oh yeah I forgot he was the worlds biggest slacker! The word skiver took new meaning whilst he was in the Army!
  10. Yeap Door Gunners are the most Handsome men in the Corps. So if your son is ugly then the RAF is the correct choice. If he is fat then he is the making of a Lynx pilot.
  11. Best Advice is to stay on at school get A levels, go to Uni, join as an student officer. being a Bowser Mong will retard you by at least 5 years